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Public Television Should Not Promote Fast Food to Children

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A has distributed 56 million kids meals in bags co-branded with PBS’s popular Martha Speaks children’s show.

PBS’s agreement with Chick-fil-A allowing it to directly target kids is a bad move. Children shouldn’t be targets of advertising, especially for products that contribute to childhood obesity. To make matters worse, WGBH, the PBS station that produces Martha Speaks, is trying to win a Cynopsis advertising industry award for its campaign.

We’re big fans of public broadcasting. It provides parents and kids with an alternative to commercialized television stations. But PBS can do better than allowing a children's show to be a marketing vehicle for fast food. That's nothing to celebrate.

Our petition calls for PBS and WGBH to take the following two actions:
1. PBS should end its partnership with Chick-fil-A.
2. WGBH should withdraw from the Cynopsis awards.

Let’s keep PBS as a refuge for kids from the commercial networks.

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We, the undersigned, call on PBS Kids and WGBH to end its partnership with Chick-fil-A. We call on WGBH to withdraw from the Cynopsis Kids Marketing Awards. Advertising unhealthy foods to kids has serious health consequences; it’s nothing to celebrate. We demand that PBS and WGBH stop allowing Chick-fil-A to use the popular kids TV show Martha Speaks to directly target children.

This petition is no longer active.
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5433 Thu Jan 08 16:26:43 EST 2015 Donald allmond jr. Anchorage, AK So many thing's going on in this world that our leader's do not let us know. I'm ashamed I did not participate as much as I should have. To many distractions worthless reality TV shows, etc.etc.i used More....
5432 Sun Jan 04 14:59:01 EST 2015 Maureen Malmud Cherry Hill, NJ
5431 Sun Jan 04 09:35:32 EST 2015 Rennie Miller Schuylkill Haven, PA
5430 Fri Jan 02 22:54:34 EST 2015 Tom Lyon Wildwood, MO
5429 Thu Dec 04 15:13:18 EST 2014 ML Wilm Mpls, MN
5428 Wed Dec 03 18:31:33 EST 2014 Hal Grants Pass, OR GMO and many other cancer-causing "foods" are bad enough. Pushing this crap on children is not excusable. Please visit: for unequivocal data and fact.
5427 Wed Dec 03 18:31:32 EST 2014 Hal Grants Pass, OR GMO and many other cancer-causing "foods" are bad enough. Pushing this crap on children is not excusable. Please visit: for unequivocal data and fact.
5426 Wed Dec 03 11:35:31 EST 2014 Patricia DeLuca Nokomis, FL
5425 Wed Nov 19 11:25:01 EST 2014 Patricia DeLuca Nokomis, FL
5424 Tue Nov 11 14:36:20 EST 2014 David Courrejou Salinas, CA This is Susan Courrejou, I agree with this petition.
5423 Thu Nov 06 06:03:46 EST 2014 Chris Fowler Kaneohe, HI
5422 Wed Nov 05 18:10:51 EST 2014 Kathleen Fields Rockledge, FL
5421 Mon Nov 03 04:58:31 EST 2014 Marcella CA
5420 Tue Sep 30 23:32:57 EDT 2014 James Greentown, PA
5419 Sat Sep 13 00:34:48 EDT 2014 Jack David Marcus New York, NY
5418 Tue Aug 26 14:58:46 EDT 2014 Katharine D'Onofrio Hudson, NY
5417 Sun Aug 24 17:12:05 EDT 2014 David Schwartz Chicago, IL
5416 Mon Aug 04 21:33:31 EDT 2014 Karen Graf Graf Overland Park, KS
5415 Tue Jul 22 10:54:48 EDT 2014 Gregor Gable Millcreek , UT
5414 Sun Jul 20 10:34:45 EDT 2014 Drs Paul and Mary Davidson Sandy Springs, GA 207 -->206Fat kids will cost the taxpayers if they become fat poor adults --- via public health insurance. They will cost the medical sy8stem too, as future diabertics, hy8pertensives, etc.
This is just tragic.
5413 Sat Jul 19 11:34:48 EDT 2014 Carmen Alvarado Burke, VA
5412 Fri Jul 18 10:32:27 EDT 2014 Patricia DeLuca Nokomis, FL
5411 Thu Jul 10 11:42:22 EDT 2014 Deborah Anderson Davie, FL
5410 Sat Jun 28 22:50:17 EDT 2014 Madison Wolff lancaster, PA
5409 Sat Jun 28 15:05:44 EDT 2014 Jeff Zittrain Berkeley, CA
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