Call Your Representative

Help bring TPP out of the shadows

Tell your representative to take a stand against closed door negotiations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and sign on to the Miller-DeLauro letter today.

Here’s what to do:

1. Call 1-888-291-9824 to be connected to the Capitol switchboard.

2. Ask to be connected with your representative.

3. When a staff member answers the phone, you can use this script: Hi, my name is ______ and I am a constituent of Representative _______. I would like for him to be a cosponsor on the Miller-DeLauro letter and support openness and transparency in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

4. Let us know how your call went!

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Post a comment on the Office of the United States Trade Representative's facebook page. Tell United States Trade Representative, Ron Kirk to release the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.

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26-50 of 1038 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
1013 Tue Jul 17 13:35:52 EDT 2012 Don Goodman
1012 Mon Jul 16 14:59:57 EDT 2012 John Young
1011 Sat Jul 14 12:51:23 EDT 2012 meave o'connor
1010 Thu Jul 12 17:56:00 EDT 2012 misty smith These globalist criminals must be stopped and they must be stopped now; then jail 'em for their crimes against humanity.
1009 Thu Jul 12 10:47:40 EDT 2012 Joni McKenna
1008 Thu Jul 12 10:06:23 EDT 2012 John Merz I called rep Freylinghausens office .They said they would pass the message on . I got the impression that they had never heard of the Miller-DeLauro letter. I told them that they should stop this complete More....
1007 Wed Jul 11 18:34:32 EDT 2012 Ismael Garcia
1006 Wed Jul 11 07:33:38 EDT 2012 Joyce Hawes
1005 Tue Jul 10 20:02:10 EDT 2012 Allen Salyer
1004 Sat Jul 07 12:23:21 EDT 2012 Anonymous
1003 Wed Jul 04 18:23:01 EDT 2012 Hal Trufan
1002 Tue Jul 03 14:33:33 EDT 2012 Peter Betts called today. the guy who answered seemed harried, like his tongue was swollen. not like Waxman's usual staff.
1001 Tue Jul 03 11:28:06 EDT 2012 Mark Cooper
1000 Sat Jun 30 16:23:46 EDT 2012 Bill Miller
999 Fri Jun 29 15:03:25 EDT 2012 Anonymous
998 Thu Jun 28 23:36:47 EDT 2012 Patrick Dolan
997 Thu Jun 28 22:41:54 EDT 2012 Ashley Rowland
996 Thu Jun 28 20:48:09 EDT 2012 Jessica Wardlaw
995 Thu Jun 28 17:28:28 EDT 2012 peter manbar
994 Tue Jun 26 16:59:57 EDT 2012 Edwin Philbrook
993 Tue Jun 26 16:22:52 EDT 2012 Glen Anderson I called Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA 9th) and urged transparency. I also DEMANDED that we STOP all "free trade" schemes. I said the American people hate NAFTA, and we need to prevent further NAFTA-like More....
992 Tue Jun 26 13:32:30 EDT 2012 Bonnie Logan A very polite gentleman took my call who assured me he'd deliver the message to Chris Gibson, my representative.
991 Tue Jun 26 10:14:30 EDT 2012 E. Rune Lindgren
990 Tue Jun 26 09:10:54 EDT 2012 john swiencicki
989 Tue Jun 26 06:52:19 EDT 2012 Roberto Jones
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