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Keep Infant Formula Marketing Out of Offices and Clinics

All major healthcare provider organizations recognize the benefits of breastfeeding and the risks of formula feeding for both infants and mothers. Moreover, there is an overwhelming consensus that clinicians should recommend and support exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life to new mothers.

Research demonstrates that marketing of infant formula in doctors’ offices and clinics, including the distribution of samples, coupons, and other gifts, negatively affects the duration and exclusivity of breastfeeding. The presence of these materials in healthcare settings sends the message to patients that providers endorse formula feeding over breastfeeding.

In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics adopted a resolution to “advise pediatricians not to provide formula company gift bags, coupons, and industry-authored handouts to the parents of newborns and infants in office and clinic settings.”

Furthermore, the Surgeon General’s 2011 Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding highlights the need to “ensure that the marketing of infant formula is conducted in a way that minimizes its negative impacts on exclusive breastfeeding." The Call to Action also states that we must “ensure that health care clinicians do not serve as advertisers for infant formula.”

By pledging to keep their offices free of infant formula marketing materials, healthcare providers can do what is best for their patients’ health and avoid unwittingly serving as formula marketers.

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I, the undersigned, am committed to providing healthcare for my patients that is based on the best available scientific evidence, not marketing or advertising.

Recognizing the well-established importance of breastfeeding for the health of mothers and babies, I recommend breastfeeding to my patients, unless there are medical reasons for not doing so. While decisions regarding children’s feeding must ultimately be made by families, as a healthcare provider I recommend the option that is most advantageous for my patients’ health.

I recognize that the presence of any marketing or promotional materials provided by commercial infant formula makers in healthcare settings has been demonstrated to undermine the advice I give to my patients. Therefore, in the best interest of my patients, I pledge not to provide commercial samples, coupons or any other promotional materials produced by the infant formula industry to my patients. I pledge to keep my office free of any advertisements for infant formula.

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