Petition Obama Administration to Make Trade Work for Working Families

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Tell the Obama administration and U.S. negotiators to make trade policy work for working families. Sign the petition today!

Our U.S. trade team is negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP FTA). This would be the biggest trade agreement in U.S. history. If not done right, it could lead to more U.S. jobs being outsourced, the erosion of workers’ rights and Buy America provisions, and undermining of U.S. environmental and consumer safety protections.

We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of past trade policy.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, call on you to ensure the TPP FTA:

1. Creates jobs in the United States and does not promote offshoring;

2. Improves working conditions and strengthens workers’ rights at home and abroad;

3. Allows governments to prioritize spending taxpayer funds locally; and

4. Protects the rights of sovereign governments to make policies in the public interest, including policies with respect to clean air and water, affordable medicines and food safety.

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Post a comment on the Office of the United States Trade Representative's facebook page. Tell United States Trade Representative, Ron Kirk to make trade policy work for working families.

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126-150 of 19130 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
19005 Thu Jul 26 12:27:28 EDT 2012 Tim Bray this is deceit and theft on a global scale. please act as though you care about the american population, instead of the fortune 500.
19004 Thu Jul 26 05:16:23 EDT 2012 Anonymous
19003 Thu Jul 26 00:44:41 EDT 2012 Richard Nelson Investigate, record, agitate.
19002 Thu Jul 26 00:13:45 EDT 2012 Eric Ebel This goes against everything the Administration claims to stand for.
19001 Wed Jul 25 15:42:04 EDT 2012 Karen Miller
19000 Wed Jul 25 06:53:51 EDT 2012 Phil Lipari
18999 Wed Jul 25 00:51:13 EDT 2012 Stanley Smith
18998 Tue Jul 24 19:06:55 EDT 2012 Norm Conrad We want seats at the table. Thus far you have betrayed your citizens.
18997 Tue Jul 24 18:21:06 EDT 2012 deborah pendleton
18996 Tue Jul 24 11:41:22 EDT 2012 Barbara Valleroy
18995 Tue Jul 24 10:21:44 EDT 2012 tim miller
18994 Tue Jul 24 09:34:04 EDT 2012 Gregory Corby Neither political party represents working class Americans - we must have a fully functioning, representative Labor Party
18993 Tue Jul 24 09:14:18 EDT 2012 Ric Ritchison
18992 Tue Jul 24 03:26:05 EDT 2012 Anonymous
18991 Tue Jul 24 00:00:03 EDT 2012 E B We need fair trade, not "Free Trade"! Get outr of NAFTA, WTO & all other so called Free Trade agreements! Reinstate tarrifs & bring manufacturing back to the U.S.
18990 Mon Jul 23 22:51:15 EDT 2012 Lori Gilio
18989 Mon Jul 23 18:13:14 EDT 2012 Gail McGlone
18988 Mon Jul 23 17:26:13 EDT 2012 Anonymous Please do not allow corporations to rule our lives. This is a HUGE trade policy and any unethical or greedy agreements will impact the lives of those who had NO SAY. In addition, a trade agreement of such More....
18987 Mon Jul 23 14:10:20 EDT 2012 Burton Steck
18986 Mon Jul 23 11:55:26 EDT 2012 Gregory make the negotiations public! Protect jobs, worker safety, food safety and access to affordable medication
18985 Mon Jul 23 11:44:36 EDT 2012 Luke Herrine
18984 Mon Jul 23 10:27:19 EDT 2012 Mary Vafi Where do we think we are going with this
18983 Mon Jul 23 10:19:55 EDT 2012 Diane Theise
18982 Mon Jul 23 09:24:39 EDT 2012 Noreen Warnock
18981 Sun Jul 22 22:24:44 EDT 2012 Chris Brazis
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