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Tell the Obama administration and U.S. negotiators to make trade policy work for working families. Sign the petition today!

Our U.S. trade team is negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP FTA). This would be the biggest trade agreement in U.S. history. If not done right, it could lead to more U.S. jobs being outsourced, the erosion of workers’ rights and Buy America provisions, and undermining of U.S. environmental and consumer safety protections.

We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of past trade policy.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, call on you to ensure the TPP FTA:

1. Creates jobs in the United States and does not promote offshoring;

2. Improves working conditions and strengthens workers’ rights at home and abroad;

3. Allows governments to prioritize spending taxpayer funds locally; and

4. Protects the rights of sovereign governments to make policies in the public interest, including policies with respect to clean air and water, affordable medicines and food safety.

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Post a comment on the Office of the United States Trade Representative's facebook page. Tell United States Trade Representative, Ron Kirk to make trade policy work for working families.

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Number Date Name Add a Comment
19105 Mon Sep 10 00:49:12 EDT 2012 Anonymous
19104 Wed Sep 05 16:05:40 EDT 2012 Anonymous Stop trying to treat us as third world gift to corporations!
19103 Tue Sep 04 23:19:45 EDT 2012 Anonymous
19102 Tue Sep 04 13:57:56 EDT 2012 Christopher Lish
19101 Sun Sep 02 01:47:32 EDT 2012 Deaver Thomas Should the U.S. continue to pursue greedy, imbalanced trade agreements like NAFTA & its descendants, the U.S. will continue to do a disservice to labor in the U.S. & abroad further indicating that both More....
19100 Thu Aug 30 09:59:37 EDT 2012 Clarice Mushlin
19099 Tue Aug 28 10:43:35 EDT 2012 Steve Frederick
19098 Sat Aug 25 22:30:55 EDT 2012 Anonymous
19097 Sat Aug 25 03:17:22 EDT 2012 Robert Linzmeier
19096 Fri Aug 24 13:20:45 EDT 2012 Katherine Keslick Personally, I think EVERY free trade agreement should be thrown out. They need to be re-negotiated so the American People get SOMETHING out of the deal. The American worker is clobbered by every Trade More....
19095 Fri Aug 24 12:25:34 EDT 2012 Barbara Wenzl
19094 Fri Aug 24 00:34:47 EDT 2012 Anonymous Every day we move closer to a Fascist country being pushed by Multinational Corporations. Every day that this is allowed to take place is a day that we move closer to Revolution as the only means the people More....
19093 Tue Aug 21 11:37:57 EDT 2012 Ronald C Faas
19092 Tue Aug 21 01:41:22 EDT 2012 Anonymous
19091 Sun Aug 19 18:17:54 EDT 2012 Linda Linderman
19090 Sat Aug 18 19:26:39 EDT 2012 Anonymous
19089 Sat Aug 18 18:42:25 EDT 2012 Eleanor Navarro
19088 Fri Aug 17 22:56:42 EDT 2012 Jim Rosenberg
19087 Fri Aug 17 07:31:43 EDT 2012 Bea Soss
19086 Thu Aug 16 16:40:21 EDT 2012 Madonna Young Shame on you for attempting to strip the rights from the people of this nation and the world by secretly enacting this disgusting corporatist manifesto.
19085 Thu Aug 16 12:55:23 EDT 2012 sherrie glass This agreement and the earlier NAFTA agreements are a disgrace. They appear to be part of the revised"shock doctrine".
19084 Wed Aug 15 21:49:46 EDT 2012 Frank Collison don't pass this treaty...........
19083 Wed Aug 15 17:12:38 EDT 2012 Barbara Emery
19082 Wed Aug 15 15:58:16 EDT 2012 Robert Wolpa
19081 Wed Aug 15 01:35:57 EDT 2012 Josh Swink
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