Ask your Senator for a Copy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Draft Text

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The TPP has been under negotiation for three years. U.S. negotiators announced many chapters are nearly completed. And Congress and all 50 state legislatures will have to conform ALL of our laws to the TPP’s expansive rules. So, every U.S. Senator must have a copy of the TPP draft text, right? Contact your Senator to ask for your copy today!

Here’s what to do:

1. Call 1-888-291-9824 to be connected to the Capitol switchboard.

2. Ask to be connected with your Senator.

3. When a staff member answers the phone, you can use this script: Hi, my name is ______ and I am a constituent of Senator _______. I would like to be sent a copy of the draft text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership “free trade” agreement.

4. Let us know how your call went!

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Turn Up the Pressure

Post a comment on the Office of the United States Trade Representative's facebook page. Tell United States Trade Representative, Ron Kirk to release the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.

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176-200 of 861 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
686 Fri Jul 13 13:31:12 EDT 2012 Barbra Drake Sen. Ron Johnson's office gave me a website address to check out the TTP. it's Sen. Herb Kohl's office took my address and said they would send a copy.
685 Fri Jul 13 13:28:34 EDT 2012 PAUL PERRY
684 Fri Jul 13 13:26:00 EDT 2012 joan BARTULOVICH
683 Fri Jul 13 13:21:53 EDT 2012 David Hacker
682 Fri Jul 13 13:17:19 EDT 2012 Jon Hager
681 Fri Jul 13 13:16:27 EDT 2012 Leanore Vlastelica
680 Fri Jul 13 13:14:15 EDT 2012 Pedro Rodriguez
679 Fri Jul 13 13:09:08 EDT 2012 Barbara Nadel called senator casey's office and the staffer or intern ? said they didn't think anyone had a draft yet as the agreement wasn't finalized yet. told her to google the pieces of the legislation that have More....
678 Fri Jul 13 13:03:58 EDT 2012 jeffrey shuben i called and left message with phone and e-mail to send me a copy to Bob Casey
677 Fri Jul 13 12:57:26 EDT 2012 gerard swainson
676 Fri Jul 13 12:50:08 EDT 2012 Anonymous My Senators are Menendez and Lautenberg.
Talked to a staff member in the Menendez office and he told me that the draft is being written so the Senator hasn't read it yet. I told him my opposition More....
675 Fri Jul 13 12:47:09 EDT 2012 Bonnie Logan I called Senator Gillibrand's office and was told that they were unable to mail or email me a copy unless I sent a written request. The staffer with whom I spoke said they were not set up to respond to More....
674 Fri Jul 13 12:46:16 EDT 2012 Howard I contacted the president, both Senators. I ask for a copy of the agreement. That I would pay the same price for a copy that the multinational corporations did.
673 Fri Jul 13 12:44:06 EDT 2012 Joseph Walsh, Jr.
672 Fri Jul 13 12:43:09 EDT 2012 Kay Considine-Baran I called Sen Durbin's office and the staff member connected me to the voicemail of Emily and I left message requesting copy of the draft text of the TPP.
671 Fri Jul 13 12:40:36 EDT 2012 Cynthia Strohm talked toSenator Roy Blunt's office and was told no draft yet still in negotiations ,when draft is drawen up will beable to forward.
670 Fri Jul 13 12:37:45 EDT 2012 Mayra Diaz Called Senator Nelson from Florida. There was no one in his office that is aware of this draft document. I left the message with the intern to pass this information on to the Senatir.
669 Fri Jul 13 12:33:34 EDT 2012 Robert Krouskoff I called both senators but, apparently both have not read the draft yet. I expressed my suspicions of its contents.
668 Fri Jul 13 12:27:04 EDT 2012 Kyle Hall
667 Fri Jul 13 12:26:47 EDT 2012 Kyle Hall
666 Fri Jul 13 12:18:36 EDT 2012 e d barber Sen. Durbin's office staff were not very responsive to my request. Shocked is more like it. The man I talked with was flustered and then said hold on I will have you talk to Emily in Transportation (?)
Then More....
665 Fri Jul 13 12:08:24 EDT 2012 Veronica Litras-Meehan
664 Fri Jul 13 12:03:20 EDT 2012 Frank Hughes
663 Fri Jul 13 11:57:02 EDT 2012 Thea DuBow
662 Fri Jul 13 11:52:30 EDT 2012 Anonymous I called Sen. Franken's lineI was told I would recieve a copy of it, even though the staffer could not verify if he actually had access to it. When I called Sen. Klobachar's line I was sent off on a dead More....
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