Ask your Senator for a Copy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Draft Text

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The TPP has been under negotiation for three years. U.S. negotiators announced many chapters are nearly completed. And Congress and all 50 state legislatures will have to conform ALL of our laws to the TPP’s expansive rules. So, every U.S. Senator must have a copy of the TPP draft text, right? Contact your Senator to ask for your copy today!

Here’s what to do:

1. Call 1-888-291-9824 to be connected to the Capitol switchboard.

2. Ask to be connected with your Senator.

3. When a staff member answers the phone, you can use this script: Hi, my name is ______ and I am a constituent of Senator _______. I would like to be sent a copy of the draft text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership “free trade” agreement.

4. Let us know how your call went!

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Post a comment on the Office of the United States Trade Representative's facebook page. Tell United States Trade Representative, Ron Kirk to release the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.

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Number Date Name Add a Comment
661 Fri Jul 13 11:44:29 EDT 2012 Corey E. Olsen Sen, Herb Kohl's office staffer laughed when I stated my request , and then took my name and address and said she'd have the material sent to me. Sen. Ron Johnson's office staffer took my name and address More....
660 Fri Jul 13 11:37:05 EDT 2012 John Templeton Sr Staffer not available.Intern said I should go to the interne for the "free trade" agreement. I insisted that the Senator should send it to me.
He said he would. I don't expect that I will hear anymore More....
659 Fri Jul 13 11:27:52 EDT 2012 obie
658 Fri Jul 13 11:20:55 EDT 2012 James Ryon
657 Fri Jul 13 11:17:00 EDT 2012 Daniel Hunt
656 Fri Jul 13 11:12:12 EDT 2012 Elisabeth Fiekowsky
655 Fri Jul 13 11:02:45 EDT 2012 Nancy Byron Called Sen Lautenberg's office and asked specifically for a copy of the draft text when ti becomes available. He said they do not have it yet but would be glad to send it when it becomes available. He More....
654 Fri Jul 13 10:56:09 EDT 2012 Nancy Byron Called Sen Menendez office and the well spken aide told me that it is an administratin issue at this point and that the Senator's office has no information but when the treaty is signed it goes to the More....
653 Fri Jul 13 10:54:36 EDT 2012 Steven Kostis
652 Fri Jul 13 10:54:33 EDT 2012 Jerome FEJKO
651 Fri Jul 13 10:39:16 EDT 2012 A B
650 Fri Jul 13 10:38:22 EDT 2012 Anonymous Called Senator Scott Brown. "It is not available" as they have not yet received it. Wanted to know how I felt about the "bill." Advised it was not a bill.
649 Fri Jul 13 10:31:02 EDT 2012 Susan Broadhead Sen. Hagan's office suggested that I go to the websites of the Nat'l Foreign Trade Council, US Chamber of Commerce, or Emergency Committee for American Trade. I will go there to see what I find and call More....
648 Fri Jul 13 10:30:27 EDT 2012 dennis oldaugh
647 Fri Jul 13 10:26:40 EDT 2012 Pam Lynn
646 Fri Jul 13 10:25:42 EDT 2012 Gerhard and Sonja Luetschwager Senator Herb Kohl's staffer put me on hold to ask someone about it,came back to take my mailing address but did not say she knew what it was-only that someone would get back to me. Sen. Ron Johnson's line More....
645 Fri Jul 13 10:22:07 EDT 2012 JENNIFER ZIELINSKI
644 Fri Jul 13 10:12:42 EDT 2012 Tristan Donofrio
643 Fri Jul 13 10:07:18 EDT 2012 Thomas Trengove Staffer from Chuck Schumer's office was unable to supply copy of the TPP agreement. She said Senator Schumer was in favor of the agreement and supported including Canada in the agreement.
642 Fri Jul 13 10:00:50 EDT 2012 Anonymous What? NAFTA didn't create enough of a wealth gap? We need even less manufacturing here at home? When does it stop? Millionaires (billionaires) are writing laws and trade agreements to benefit millionaires More....
641 Fri Jul 13 09:57:37 EDT 2012 Greg Noneman
640 Fri Jul 13 09:51:37 EDT 2012 Mark Walton
639 Fri Jul 13 09:50:44 EDT 2012 Peggy McGrath Spoke with a staffer from Senator Lieberman's office. He told me to send my request in writing either by email or letter. Spoke with a staffer in Senator Blumenthal's office and she said she would email More....
638 Fri Jul 13 09:45:25 EDT 2012 ERIC MCMANUS
637 Fri Jul 13 09:40:19 EDT 2012 Kevin Macdonald
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