Ask your Senator for a Copy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Draft Text

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The TPP has been under negotiation for three years. U.S. negotiators announced many chapters are nearly completed. And Congress and all 50 state legislatures will have to conform ALL of our laws to the TPP’s expansive rules. So, every U.S. Senator must have a copy of the TPP draft text, right? Contact your Senator to ask for your copy today!

Here’s what to do:

1. Call 1-888-291-9824 to be connected to the Capitol switchboard.

2. Ask to be connected with your Senator.

3. When a staff member answers the phone, you can use this script: Hi, my name is ______ and I am a constituent of Senator _______. I would like to be sent a copy of the draft text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership “free trade” agreement.

4. Let us know how your call went!

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Turn Up the Pressure

Post a comment on the Office of the United States Trade Representative's facebook page. Tell United States Trade Representative, Ron Kirk to release the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.

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Number Date Name Add a Comment
636 Fri Jul 13 09:38:15 EDT 2012 Shirley Brown Talked with a staffer of Sen Alexander. She hadn't heard anything about it; put me on hold; came back & said I was 2nd caller asking for copy of TPP. She could only recommend that I check More....
635 Fri Jul 13 09:17:57 EDT 2012 Joe noriega
634 Fri Jul 13 09:11:11 EDT 2012 Paul Haider
633 Fri Jul 13 09:01:13 EDT 2012 Randy Levine
632 Fri Jul 13 08:56:46 EDT 2012 Les Gibson
631 Fri Jul 13 08:53:24 EDT 2012 Larry Cooper
630 Fri Jul 13 08:41:44 EDT 2012 Anonymous
628 Fri Jul 13 08:25:20 EDT 2012 Benjamin Allen
627 Fri Jul 13 08:20:58 EDT 2012 Anonymous
626 Fri Jul 13 08:10:45 EDT 2012 Donald Hughes
625 Fri Jul 13 08:08:40 EDT 2012 Liz Bohl
624 Fri Jul 13 07:42:55 EDT 2012 Dan Cappello
623 Fri Jul 13 06:54:53 EDT 2012 Jose Luis Aguilar Carbajal
622 Fri Jul 13 06:51:29 EDT 2012 Allison
621 Fri Jul 13 06:49:08 EDT 2012 Rudy McKnight Why are these negotiations secret.If these plans can not be held up high in the presence of our fellow citizens why not?
620 Fri Jul 13 05:59:02 EDT 2012 William Epp
619 Fri Jul 13 04:54:05 EDT 2012 Shaun Knipp
618 Fri Jul 13 04:30:45 EDT 2012 Douglas Ward
617 Fri Jul 13 03:51:16 EDT 2012 B. Thomas Diener
616 Fri Jul 13 03:41:00 EDT 2012 jennifer schultz I asked from both senators for one of them to send me a copy of the draft text of the TPP "free trade agreement"
615 Fri Jul 13 03:39:12 EDT 2012 Karl Krapek
614 Fri Jul 13 03:20:41 EDT 2012 Franz Sigg
613 Fri Jul 13 03:13:53 EDT 2012 Frances Aubrey
612 Fri Jul 13 03:11:53 EDT 2012 Anonymous Another bad trade bill that will eliminate environmental laws and personal choice in favor of large corporations - because of the trade bills you don't have the right to know where your food is from, they More....
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