Who Is Secretly Funneling Money into Mitt Romney's Campaign Coffers?

Unlike President Obama, Romney Doesn't Disclose. Urge the Presumptive GOP Nominee to Come Clean


To raise huge amounts of campaign cash, presidential candidates rely on “bundlers.”

Bundlers are campaign funders who bundle their own donations together with those of other super-rich Americans in order to skirt the legal limits on contributions directly to campaigns in order to raise tens of thousands — if not millions — of dollars.

President Barack Obama has been publicly disclosing information about his bundlers since the 2008 campaign began. Mitt Romney also disclosed his bundlers in 2008.

But this year, Mitt Romney has so far refused all calls to release information about the identities of those in his army of bundlers.

Only the names of Romney’s bundlers who are federally registered lobbyists have been disclosed (which is required by law). The rest of his network of fundraisers remains in the shadows.

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We, the undersigned, urge Mitt Romney to release his full list of campaign bundlers in order to match the level of transparency that has come to be expected from presidential candidates of both major parties.

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More About Bundlers

  • Top bundlers are often given access and political appointments in return for gathering large amounts of money for the campaign. A 2011 study of President Obama's top-tier fundraisers from 2008 showed that 80 percent received "key administration posts" as defined by the White House.
  • Every Democratic and Republican presidential nominee since 2000 has released his full list of campaign bundlers to the public, updating it periodically.
  • Mitt Romney released his bundlers list in 2008 but has yet to do so for this election cycle.
  • As the presumptive nominee in 2008, John McCain released his bundlers list on April 19.
  • President Obama has already voluntarily released his bundlers list, with quarterly updates.
  • As a result, Obama has already returned more than $200,000 in campaign contributions linked to bundlers with questionable backgrounds -- contributions that likely never would have been scrutinized if his bundlers had been kept secret.

Visit Public Citizen's White House for Sale page for detailed information about Obama and Romney's bundlers we do know about.

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Oh, I almost forgot, that's Not part of the GOP's agenda.
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