Write a Letter to the Editor About the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Help Drag the TPP “Free Trade” Agreement into the Media Spotlight

You can send a letter to the editor to major news outlets and demand that they cover this deal that is swiftly becoming “NAFTA-on-steroids” with the world.

Here’s how:

Select one or all of the major news outlets listed below.

Select a few of the talking points below:

  • U.S. negotiators have been working behind closed doors for three years on a massive “trade” agreement that would offshore millions of American jobs and flood us with unsafe imported food. Now it includes ten countries, but it would be open for China and Russia to join later.
  • It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is basically NAFTA all over again, only much bigger. Thanks to recent text leaks, we know that it would allow foreign corporations to attack U.S. environmental, health and safety laws in foreign tribunals and demand taxpayer compensation. It includes incentives for U.S. firms to offshore jobs.
  • Obviously, TPP is something Americans need to know about. So, where is your coverage?
  • Yes, TPP is being negotiated in secret with even members of Congress barred from seeing the text. But that makes it even more critical for the media to cover.
  • And its big political news. President Obama is attacking Governor Romney for offshoring American jobs. But Obama is supporting this massive job-offshoring deal.
  • State legislators from all 50 states have raised concern.
  • Many members of Congress have signed a letter criticizing the deal and demanding access to the secret draft texts.
  • The American public relies on you. TPP is a very big deal. We need to know more. TPP negotiations start again in Virginia in a few weeks. Will you have a reporter there?
Submit your letter to the editor and leave a comment letting us know that you helped drag TPP out into the media spotlight!

Here are some helpful tips to help you get your letter to the editor published.

In order to increase the likelihood of your letter being printed, please keep it 150 words. It should be sent in the body of an e-mail (no attachments) to the publication of your choice.

Thank you for helping to drag TPP into the media spotlight!

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Number Date Name Location Comments
1560 Sun Oct 14 18:14:02 EDT 2012 Melinda Schoppe TX
1559 Thu Oct 04 01:44:08 EDT 2012 George Davis OR
1558 Mon Oct 01 20:13:48 EDT 2012 kay WARD CA
1557 Mon Oct 01 18:28:20 EDT 2012 anne karppinen AP
1556 Mon Oct 01 15:07:09 EDT 2012 Bradley Jones FL
1555 Sat Sep 29 20:04:45 EDT 2012 Norma Kutzer CA We must have transparency about everything that impacts the People! It is Congress that is constitutionally charged with making trade pacts, not this invisible "kingdom" of unelected, self-declared, self-interested More....
1554 Thu Sep 20 12:36:58 EDT 2012 Rebecca Siegel MA U.S. negotiators have been working behind closed doors for three years on a massive “trade” agreement that would offshore millions of American jobs and flood us with unsafe imported food. Now it includes More....
1553 Wed Sep 19 01:00:20 EDT 2012 Nikki Birdwell TX
1552 Tue Sep 18 18:00:34 EDT 2012 Yvonne Grice SC
1551 Mon Sep 17 11:56:54 EDT 2012 John Butterfield CA This goes against everything we stand for
1550 Sun Sep 16 21:10:29 EDT 2012 Anonymous WA
1549 Sun Sep 16 20:02:06 EDT 2012 Anonymous FL
1548 Sun Sep 16 20:01:14 EDT 2012 Joseph Balkis IL
1547 Wed Sep 12 00:07:53 EDT 2012 Bill Miller NV
1546 Sat Sep 08 19:16:30 EDT 2012 Marian evans CA
1545 Fri Sep 07 22:26:37 EDT 2012 Jacqueline Newman KY
1544 Wed Sep 05 15:06:30 EDT 2012 Michael Katsilis NC
1543 Tue Sep 04 15:54:50 EDT 2012 Scott Ryskamp MI
1542 Sun Sep 02 21:18:37 EDT 2012 Ann and Daniel Asnes MA
1541 Sun Sep 02 18:13:50 EDT 2012 Dennis Wright OH
1540 Sat Sep 01 02:11:06 EDT 2012 Donna Widmer KS
1539 Sat Sep 01 01:39:03 EDT 2012 Sandra Gordon CA
1538 Fri Aug 31 23:26:30 EDT 2012 Anonymous FL
1537 Fri Aug 31 06:37:32 EDT 2012 Matthew Malina NY
1536 Thu Aug 30 23:53:30 EDT 2012 Anonymous CA
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