Alert the Media About the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “Free Trade” Agreement

Help Drag the TPP “Free Trade” Agreement into the Media Spotlight

As the fourteenth round of the TPP negotiations resume in Leesburg, VA, we need to alert the major news outlets and put TPP in the headlines. Follow the steps below and help to drag TPP into the spotlight before it’s too late.

Here’s how:

1. Call or leave a comment for one or all of the major news outlets listed below.

  • New York Times: (212) 556- 7652 Arthur Brisbane, Public Editor (Represents NYT reader concerns)
  • Washington Post: (202) 334-7300 Patrick B. Pexton, Ombudsman
  • Los Angeles Times: Leave a comment about TPP for the reader’s representative of the LA Times here.
  • National Public Radio: (202) 513-3232 (comment hotline) or leave a comment for NPR ombudsman, Edward Schumacher-Matos on NPR’s open forum for listeners. (Note: You will have to log in and create an account to leave a comment)

2. Let major media outlets know that they are not covering a story that could affect our everyday lives — from food safety to offshoring jobs. Feel free to use the script below.

Hi this is __________, and I am a reader/listener of the (name of news outlet). I am really upset that there has been no coverage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). I rely on your reporters to get me the news that is important. I do not understand how you could be missing this story. The TPP is an international agreement that has been under negotiation for three years with the US and 11 other countries. It could be finished this year. It threatens to offshore millions of U.S. jobs, increase medicine prices, flood us with unsafe food imports, and empower corporations to challenge our environmental and consumer safety laws in international tribunals. There have been 600 official corporate advisors who have access to the draft text of this massive deal, but the public and Congress have been locked out. This thing is like “NAFTA on steroids” with a bunch of Asian countries. The next round of negotiations will take place from September 6th-September 15 in Leesburg, VA. Please send a reporter to these negotiations, this agreement is too important to not be covered!

3. Let us know how your call went.

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Number Date Name Location Comments
137 Fri Aug 24 15:34:44 EDT 2012 Carl Dimitri RI I spoke with the NYT and the Post, urging them to report on the TPP. They said they are "on it." I also emailed the the LA Times.
136 Fri Aug 24 15:29:11 EDT 2012 John Miskelly MD
135 Fri Aug 24 15:28:34 EDT 2012 patty brey LA
134 Fri Aug 24 15:24:09 EDT 2012 Vincent CT We must act now. The TPP is an important part of our goal!
133 Fri Aug 24 15:21:45 EDT 2012 Daley Holder NY
132 Fri Aug 24 15:04:24 EDT 2012 Geoffrey OR
131 Fri Aug 24 14:56:56 EDT 2012 Dana Hartman OR
130 Fri Aug 24 14:46:20 EDT 2012 Anthony Rotondo PA
129 Fri Aug 24 14:26:01 EDT 2012 Odilia Leal-McBride TX
128 Fri Aug 24 14:22:31 EDT 2012 Eric Helgeson WA
127 Fri Aug 24 14:16:24 EDT 2012 Shirley Espeland MN The woman who answered the call said she couldn't make a commitment for NPR. She asked if I was a member of Public Citizen. She thanked me for calling.
126 Fri Aug 24 14:11:11 EDT 2012 Virginia Jenkins SC My first call to the Washington Post transferred me to a voice mail box which finally answered after quite a wait and then was full and could not leave a message. My second attempt got me to a news desk More....
125 Fri Aug 24 14:09:47 EDT 2012 James Keeney FL Staff at NYT said "We've received a lot of tips about that and we've passed them on."
124 Fri Aug 24 14:09:10 EDT 2012 Anne Henry FL
123 Fri Aug 24 14:08:19 EDT 2012 Shahin Shabanian PA Exposure to the "Sun light" is healthy and it scares the “dark dwellers.”
122 Fri Aug 24 13:57:31 EDT 2012 joseph m proctor proctor MT
121 Fri Aug 24 13:56:31 EDT 2012 Jessica Wardlaw MN
120 Fri Aug 24 13:39:17 EDT 2012 Pedro-Martin de Clet CT The person who answered said that they have gotten numerous calls & that they will be working on it...
119 Fri Aug 24 13:23:44 EDT 2012 Lois Lommel VA I spoke with Mr. Matos Ass't. who gave me as much time as I needed. She said she would pass on my urgings to him; that they had rec'd. a lot of requests like mine. She asked what organization was behind More....
118 Fri Aug 24 13:21:16 EDT 2012 Sheila Haley RI
117 Fri Aug 24 13:17:45 EDT 2012 Robert and Helen Buttel PA
116 Fri Aug 24 13:15:34 EDT 2012 Kimberly Seger PA
115 Fri Aug 24 13:11:15 EDT 2012 Jessica Wardlaw MN
114 Fri Aug 24 13:08:58 EDT 2012 David Jones CA How is it that in a democracy, we (the people), are not allowed to take part in the process of a trade agreement; whether it be at the table or by public disclosure. Is it because we do not live More....
113 Fri Aug 24 12:49:52 EDT 2012 Dana Ginn CA Couldn't get LA Times website to cooperate in sending message.

Successful sending message to NPR ombudsman.
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