Alert the Media About the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “Free Trade” Agreement

Help Drag the TPP “Free Trade” Agreement into the Media Spotlight

As the fourteenth round of the TPP negotiations resume in Leesburg, VA, we need to alert the major news outlets and put TPP in the headlines. Follow the steps below and help to drag TPP into the spotlight before it’s too late.

Here’s how:

1. Call or leave a comment for one or all of the major news outlets listed below.

  • New York Times: (212) 556- 7652 Arthur Brisbane, Public Editor (Represents NYT reader concerns)
  • Washington Post: (202) 334-7300 Patrick B. Pexton, Ombudsman
  • Los Angeles Times: Leave a comment about TPP for the reader’s representative of the LA Times here.
  • National Public Radio: (202) 513-3232 (comment hotline) or leave a comment for NPR ombudsman, Edward Schumacher-Matos on NPR’s open forum for listeners. (Note: You will have to log in and create an account to leave a comment)

2. Let major media outlets know that they are not covering a story that could affect our everyday lives — from food safety to offshoring jobs. Feel free to use the script below.

Hi this is __________, and I am a reader/listener of the (name of news outlet). I am really upset that there has been no coverage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). I rely on your reporters to get me the news that is important. I do not understand how you could be missing this story. The TPP is an international agreement that has been under negotiation for three years with the US and 11 other countries. It could be finished this year. It threatens to offshore millions of U.S. jobs, increase medicine prices, flood us with unsafe food imports, and empower corporations to challenge our environmental and consumer safety laws in international tribunals. There have been 600 official corporate advisors who have access to the draft text of this massive deal, but the public and Congress have been locked out. This thing is like “NAFTA on steroids” with a bunch of Asian countries. The next round of negotiations will take place from September 6th-September 15 in Leesburg, VA. Please send a reporter to these negotiations, this agreement is too important to not be covered!

3. Let us know how your call went.

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26-50 of 262 signatures
Number Date Name Location Comments
237 Wed Aug 29 22:29:46 EDT 2012 walter moore VA
236 Wed Aug 29 18:49:35 EDT 2012 Katherine O'Sullivan NY
235 Wed Aug 29 17:28:43 EDT 2012 Thomas Ward KY
234 Wed Aug 29 15:49:11 EDT 2012 Luis Alfredo Cartagena NY
233 Wed Aug 29 15:14:15 EDT 2012 Rita Davis MI
232 Wed Aug 29 09:51:59 EDT 2012 Rhonda Yellin-Waldron FL
231 Wed Aug 29 03:35:13 EDT 2012 Ana Alvarez FL
230 Tue Aug 28 21:26:25 EDT 2012 Thomas Maginniss VA
229 Tue Aug 28 20:13:21 EDT 2012 Cleo CO I mostly sent emails.
228 Tue Aug 28 17:24:15 EDT 2012 John Ecklund CA
227 Tue Aug 28 15:25:20 EDT 2012 Anthony DiSalvo IL
226 Tue Aug 28 12:58:23 EDT 2012 Michael Lahey IL
225 Tue Aug 28 11:06:48 EDT 2012 Anonymous MI
224 Tue Aug 28 08:35:56 EDT 2012 Paul Zielinski IL
223 Tue Aug 28 00:14:36 EDT 2012 Bob Blackmoore CA
222 Mon Aug 27 23:04:44 EDT 2012 Molly Hauck MD
221 Mon Aug 27 22:27:56 EDT 2012 Jim Murphy PA sent email to (Philadelphia Inquirer)
220 Mon Aug 27 19:36:53 EDT 2012 Stayton Jones CO
219 Mon Aug 27 19:19:26 EDT 2012 ryan hebert LA
218 Mon Aug 27 18:00:12 EDT 2012 Allison Everitt NM
217 Mon Aug 27 17:43:31 EDT 2012 Caroline Thomas NY
216 Mon Aug 27 17:22:20 EDT 2012 Rachel Scarlata CO
215 Mon Aug 27 14:59:35 EDT 2012 Kristyn MacPhail CO
214 Mon Aug 27 14:31:25 EDT 2012 Lisa D Hampton OR Spoke to New York Times and NPR representatives. Both assured me that they have been getting MANY calls, are aware of the TPP meeting in Virginia, and are looking into it. Good work everyone!
213 Mon Aug 27 13:44:57 EDT 2012 Susan Kraus SC
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