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Let’s Get Back to Commercial-Free Schools

Across the country, many school districts face significant budget shortfalls. Seeking alternative sources of revenue, growing numbers of districts are allowing corporations to advertise on school properties. Eager to target a potentially lucrative market, advertisers are marketing their products in school cafeterias, athletic stadiums, on school buses, on lockers, and even in classrooms.

Schools are no place for advertising. Allowing commercialism to infiltrate schools undermines their educational mission. Kids learn market values instead of civic values. And, often, it is junk food makers that are most eager to advertise in schools. In an already hyper-commercialized world, children need schools to be a sanctuary from the onslaught of advertising they face everywhere else.

To make matters worse, in-school advertising schemes rarely raise significant revenue for school districts. When they permit advertising, districts are left in the same financial hole they began in, but now their students’ education has been compromised.

Some things shouldn’t be for sale.

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We, the undersigned, believe that commercial advertising has no place in schools. We call on school district officials to reject all plans to allow commercial advertising on school properties.

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176-200 of 15530 signatures
Number Date Name Location Add a Comment
15355 Sat Sep 15 05:14:40 EDT 2012 Loren Sterman Portland, OR
15354 Sat Sep 15 01:58:32 EDT 2012 Tom Kaimakides Peekskill, NY
15353 Fri Sep 14 23:25:09 EDT 2012 Dianne Douthat WAYNE, NJ School should be a commerical-free zone-- let's keep them free of advertising!.
15352 Fri Sep 14 22:36:46 EDT 2012 J Linden Milford, MA
15351 Fri Sep 14 21:37:20 EDT 2012 Darrell Williams Hannawa Falls, NY
15350 Fri Sep 14 21:28:30 EDT 2012 Sally Sheck Renton, WA
15349 Fri Sep 14 19:18:20 EDT 2012 V Evan Evan Chicago, IL
15348 Fri Sep 14 19:00:27 EDT 2012 Anne-Marie Boyce San Francisco, CA
15347 Fri Sep 14 18:54:52 EDT 2012 William Walker Farmington Hills, MI
15346 Fri Sep 14 17:49:21 EDT 2012 Douglas Lawson Dallas, TX
15345 Fri Sep 14 12:16:10 EDT 2012 Charles Burgner Davenport, IA
15344 Fri Sep 14 11:26:22 EDT 2012 william BICKERS Memphis, TN
15343 Fri Sep 14 11:14:49 EDT 2012 Christy Anderson Portland, OR
15342 Fri Sep 14 10:23:01 EDT 2012 Robert Rutland, VT
15341 Fri Sep 14 09:54:50 EDT 2012 Dena Freed Myrtle Point, OR
15340 Fri Sep 14 02:30:25 EDT 2012 Michael Braud Grass Valley, CA I think corporate advertising in schools should be illegal. Schools are for educating. There should not be unhealthy, cheap food and beverages in schools that can take away from the minds ability to process More....
15339 Thu Sep 13 23:54:27 EDT 2012 JUDITH TOTH Bloomfield Twp., MI
15338 Thu Sep 13 23:32:21 EDT 2012 C. John Hildebrand Minneapolis, MN
15337 Thu Sep 13 23:18:12 EDT 2012 Joy Singh Morris Plains, NJ This is why, business has a place in our society and publicly funded education does to. Come on - separate goals! both needed. conflating the two is not good policy sense it's only good campaign fundraising More....
15336 Thu Sep 13 23:16:55 EDT 2012 Renate Heurich New Orleans, LA
15335 Thu Sep 13 21:31:24 EDT 2012 Tara Hottenstein Gulfport, FL
15334 Thu Sep 13 21:00:53 EDT 2012 Alexis Nixon Atlanta, GA
15333 Thu Sep 13 19:04:20 EDT 2012 Rogil Schroeter glendale, AZ
15332 Thu Sep 13 18:16:33 EDT 2012 Edward LeBlanc Santa Fe, NM
15331 Thu Sep 13 18:06:39 EDT 2012 Anonymous new york, NY
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