President Obama, Tell Corporate America Your Inauguration is NOT for Sale

Sign the Petition Urging Obama to Refuse Corporate Money for His Second Term Inauguration

Note: The committee charged with raising the funds for President Obama's inauguration announced on Friday, December 7, that it will accept unlimited corporate donations. Read Public Citizen's response to this disappointing news.

Now, perhaps more than ever, the U.S. needs a president who will stand up to the legion of corporate polluters, exploiters, scammers and tax dodgers who are distorting our democracy.

But if corporate stooges close to the Obama campaign get their way, President Obama will spend the first day of his second term at lavish parties sponsored by multinational corporations like Bank of America, General Electric and Coca Cola.

President Obama should start his second term as a fighter for the people — NOT as panderer-in-chief.

To his credit, President Obama refused to accept corporate money for his first inauguration back in 2008. It was the right decision then. And it’s the right decision now.

Add Your Name Below to Urge President Obama to Refuse Corporate Contributions for His Inauguration.


We, the undersigned, call on you to refuse corporate money for all inaugural events. A corporate-sponsored inauguration — on the very same day that marks the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United ruling fundamentally undermines your administration’s efforts to rein in the damage of unlimited corporate money flooding into politics caused by this court decision.

Instead, show the public that you will stand up to wealthy special interests. Refuse the corporate money, plan a modest inauguration celebration and start fighting for the people on day one.

This petition is no longer active.
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Number Date Name Add a Comment
31268 Mon Dec 10 13:39:59 EST 2012 John McKissen
31267 Mon Dec 10 13:06:48 EST 2012 Rosemary Wetherold
31266 Mon Dec 10 12:35:31 EST 2012 Margaret Lawrence
31265 Mon Dec 10 11:48:11 EST 2012 Jeanne Watts Corporate greed must be stopped and you must do your part to stand up and do what is right. You campaigned saying you have our back and we did our part backing you Nov. 6th. The ball is again in your court More....
31264 Mon Dec 10 11:21:03 EST 2012 Abigail Adelman
31263 Mon Dec 10 11:15:11 EST 2012 Barbara Weeks
31262 Mon Dec 10 11:07:01 EST 2012 DeVera and Wiley Wenger What can be more important to you on your inauguration, President Obama, than to GIVE THE NATION THE VITAL MESSAGE: "I have the guiding principle AND I have the backbone TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE." President More....
31261 Mon Dec 10 10:23:39 EST 2012 Anonymous
31260 Mon Dec 10 08:11:02 EST 2012 kathy fowlkes
31259 Mon Dec 10 05:00:29 EST 2012 Ira & Ellie Please stand with the people NOT the corporations that are destroying our democracy. Thank you.
31258 Mon Dec 10 04:03:09 EST 2012 Frank Shield We should not make presidential inaugurations a means of corporate advertising and influence in government. Do not privatize government.
31257 Mon Dec 10 03:56:25 EST 2012 Carolyn Leamer You work for us. Period.
31256 Mon Dec 10 02:04:16 EST 2012 Michael and Norma Tynan
31255 Mon Dec 10 01:45:06 EST 2012 Wolfgang Rougle Let your inauguration be a celebration of this amazing nation and the PEOPLE who elected you -- not the corporations.
31254 Mon Dec 10 00:19:33 EST 2012 Darlene Driver You have forgotten, entitlements that government has taken over the years is what you claimed you didn't like & wanted to put an end too. Well now your doing it. Economy sucks, I have been out of work More....
31253 Sun Dec 09 23:25:54 EST 2012 Don Story
31252 Sun Dec 09 22:43:46 EST 2012 james mcclendon
31251 Sun Dec 09 21:00:01 EST 2012 Alexander Medeiros
31249 Sun Dec 09 19:40:14 EST 2012 Reed Bell
31248 Sun Dec 09 18:40:55 EST 2012 Jed stern
31247 Sun Dec 09 18:30:37 EST 2012 Paul King
31246 Sun Dec 09 17:56:51 EST 2012 Dona Musitano Be the president of the People not the c orporations. As a lame duck maybe you can even lead the way to removing al advertising from politics altogether. Ther need for advertising dollars is behind the More....
31245 Sun Dec 09 17:35:11 EST 2012 Richard Rouse
31244 Sun Dec 09 16:37:17 EST 2012 Mary Brock
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