President Obama, Tell Corporate America Your Inauguration is NOT for Sale

Sign the Petition Urging Obama to Refuse Corporate Money for His Second Term Inauguration

Note: The committee charged with raising the funds for President Obama's inauguration announced on Friday, December 7, that it will accept unlimited corporate donations. Read Public Citizen's response to this disappointing news.

Now, perhaps more than ever, the U.S. needs a president who will stand up to the legion of corporate polluters, exploiters, scammers and tax dodgers who are distorting our democracy.

But if corporate stooges close to the Obama campaign get their way, President Obama will spend the first day of his second term at lavish parties sponsored by multinational corporations like Bank of America, General Electric and Coca Cola.

President Obama should start his second term as a fighter for the people — NOT as panderer-in-chief.

To his credit, President Obama refused to accept corporate money for his first inauguration back in 2008. It was the right decision then. And it’s the right decision now.

Add Your Name Below to Urge President Obama to Refuse Corporate Contributions for His Inauguration.


We, the undersigned, call on you to refuse corporate money for all inaugural events. A corporate-sponsored inauguration — on the very same day that marks the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United ruling fundamentally undermines your administration’s efforts to rein in the damage of unlimited corporate money flooding into politics caused by this court decision.

Instead, show the public that you will stand up to wealthy special interests. Refuse the corporate money, plan a modest inauguration celebration and start fighting for the people on day one.

This petition is no longer active.
226-250 of 31418 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
31193 Fri Dec 07 22:47:42 EST 2012 Steve Pagano
31192 Fri Dec 07 22:23:27 EST 2012 Barbara Dahms
31191 Fri Dec 07 22:13:25 EST 2012 Gemini Garner-Jones
31190 Fri Dec 07 21:15:21 EST 2012 Anthony Del Plato Overturn Citizens United Decision NOW!
31189 Fri Dec 07 21:07:37 EST 2012 David Gies
31188 Fri Dec 07 19:41:14 EST 2012 Jason
31187 Fri Dec 07 19:23:35 EST 2012 Nancy
31186 Fri Dec 07 18:35:26 EST 2012 Judith Tetzlaff
31185 Fri Dec 07 18:30:07 EST 2012 Scott Horton
31184 Fri Dec 07 18:01:49 EST 2012 Charles A. Pospisil Stand with the VOTERS, not the corporations
31183 Fri Dec 07 17:47:05 EST 2012 Kim Atkinson this is where you show up
31182 Fri Dec 07 17:39:37 EST 2012 Ralph W Sullivan
31181 Fri Dec 07 17:37:27 EST 2012 Daniel Rous Too much money already wasted on the ccampaign that could have gone to better projects. Now let's not allow the stink of
corporate money to overpower the banquet's sweet aroma..
Dan Rous
31180 Fri Dec 07 17:14:53 EST 2012 WENDY TSIEN Be President for we, the people, not we, the corporations.
31179 Fri Dec 07 16:58:32 EST 2012 Donald Gerstman Mr. President,
Fight for the people. That is the reason you were elected President of the U.S. Start looking at us- WE ARE THE PEOPLE.
31178 Fri Dec 07 16:41:39 EST 2012 Anonymous Remain an example of your ideals. Do what you know is right.
31177 Fri Dec 07 16:37:43 EST 2012 Michelle Michaels-Tyner
31176 Fri Dec 07 16:33:05 EST 2012 Don & Ann Dougherty Please keep in mind the citizenry must come first, not corporate entities.
31175 Fri Dec 07 16:20:54 EST 2012 Carole Thompson Let's keep this ceremony clean and simple - no ties - no favors - no big buffet - focus on who you represent - the people!
31174 Fri Dec 07 16:20:08 EST 2012 sandy Hill
31173 Fri Dec 07 16:19:00 EST 2012 John Berman
31172 Fri Dec 07 16:14:55 EST 2012 Michael Hernandez
31171 Fri Dec 07 16:10:34 EST 2012 Anonymous
31170 Fri Dec 07 16:00:08 EST 2012 Paul Ciccantell
31169 Fri Dec 07 15:59:26 EST 2012 Alexander Bennett
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