President Obama, Tell Corporate America Your Inauguration is NOT for Sale

Sign the Petition Urging Obama to Refuse Corporate Money for His Second Term Inauguration

Note: The committee charged with raising the funds for President Obama's inauguration announced on Friday, December 7, that it will accept unlimited corporate donations. Read Public Citizen's response to this disappointing news.

Now, perhaps more than ever, the U.S. needs a president who will stand up to the legion of corporate polluters, exploiters, scammers and tax dodgers who are distorting our democracy.

But if corporate stooges close to the Obama campaign get their way, President Obama will spend the first day of his second term at lavish parties sponsored by multinational corporations like Bank of America, General Electric and Coca Cola.

President Obama should start his second term as a fighter for the people — NOT as panderer-in-chief.

To his credit, President Obama refused to accept corporate money for his first inauguration back in 2008. It was the right decision then. And it’s the right decision now.

Add Your Name Below to Urge President Obama to Refuse Corporate Contributions for His Inauguration.


We, the undersigned, call on you to refuse corporate money for all inaugural events. A corporate-sponsored inauguration — on the very same day that marks the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United ruling fundamentally undermines your administration’s efforts to rein in the damage of unlimited corporate money flooding into politics caused by this court decision.

Instead, show the public that you will stand up to wealthy special interests. Refuse the corporate money, plan a modest inauguration celebration and start fighting for the people on day one.

This petition is no longer active.
26-50 of 31418 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
31393 Sun Jan 06 16:15:13 EST 2013 Scott Spain
31392 Sun Jan 06 02:31:07 EST 2013 Leuise
31391 Sat Jan 05 11:42:21 EST 2013 Jean Naples
31390 Thu Jan 03 09:04:57 EST 2013 John Hall
31389 Thu Jan 03 06:27:52 EST 2013 Nancy Liela Wallace-Nelson Almost half of US citizens are struggling to survive. Throwing lavish parties is like Marie Antoinette's alleged line "Let them eat cake."
31388 Thu Jan 03 02:00:22 EST 2013 Nancy Haney Please don't aid and abet corporate pollution, and infiltration into government.
31387 Wed Jan 02 18:59:15 EST 2013 Jesse Rusoff
31386 Wed Jan 02 08:11:54 EST 2013 D. Iris Thor A modest inauguration would show respect to all Americans struggling with the bare means of survival.
31385 Wed Jan 02 01:31:37 EST 2013 Beverly Ahlstedt
31384 Tue Jan 01 22:27:29 EST 2013 Lindsey Hollands
31383 Tue Jan 01 15:43:55 EST 2013 Anonymous
31382 Tue Jan 01 06:40:45 EST 2013 Nina
31381 Mon Dec 31 23:52:08 EST 2012 Lindsey Hollands
31380 Mon Dec 31 16:41:04 EST 2012 Jessica Felter
31379 Mon Dec 31 09:35:47 EST 2012 Max Boward
31378 Mon Dec 31 03:12:56 EST 2012 Samuel Dunham
31377 Sun Dec 30 21:50:13 EST 2012 Elisabeth mcglynn
31376 Sun Dec 30 17:43:36 EST 2012 Linda Carroll Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
31375 Sun Dec 30 16:22:10 EST 2012 Anonymous
31374 Sun Dec 30 15:30:53 EST 2012 Patrick Dolan
31373 Sun Dec 30 11:01:02 EST 2012 Robin St Hillaire Corporations are not people. Corporations do not have the best interest of our citizens. Corporate influence in politics is one of the most dangerous treats to our democracy.
31372 Sat Dec 29 16:32:06 EST 2012 Peter Sardellitto
31371 Sat Dec 29 14:49:01 EST 2012 Neil Bleifeld
31370 Sat Dec 29 05:28:53 EST 2012 Bailey Sparks
31369 Fri Dec 28 20:29:32 EST 2012 Lisa Sieracki
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