Revoke HSBC’s Corporate Charter

Tell Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler There Should Be No Such Thing as “Too Big To Jail”

By refusing to prosecute global banking behemoth HSBC for laundering hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of alleged terrorists in the Middle East and drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia, the Department of Justice is sending the message that Big Banks are above the law.

The evidence against London-based HSBC – the third largest bank in the world, with more than $2.5 trillion in assets – was overwhelming. But, instead of pursuing criminal charges, the Justice Department simply fined HSBC $1.9 billion – which sounds like a lot, until you realize that’s only about a month’s worth of profit for the bank.

HSBC’s slap on the wrist is a slap in the face to anyone who believes that there should be no such thing as “too big to jail.”

Join Public Citizen in calling for punishment that could actually deter corporate crime:

Demand justice. Add your name to the petition to revoke HSBC’s corporate charter.



We, the undersigned, call on you to use your authority to forfeit HSBC’s corporate charter. HSBC is a large corporation, but should enjoy no special privilege because of its size. A Maryland corporate charter should signal integrity, and we ask that you uphold this standard.

Why Petition Maryland's Attorney General?

The US division of HSBC is chartered in the state of Maryland. Under Maryland law, the attorney general has the power to forfeit a company’s corporate charter as punishment for engaging in organized crime. Charter forfeiture would represent a strong new tool states could use to enforce the integrity of corporate behavior.

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38891 Tue Apr 23 20:01:56 EDT 2013 Alice Craig
38890 Tue Apr 23 20:01:17 EDT 2013 Kent Craig
38889 Tue Apr 23 13:29:24 EDT 2013 Jon Nelson
38888 Mon Apr 22 14:28:16 EDT 2013 Warren Keller
38887 Sun Apr 21 12:50:10 EDT 2013 Anthony Kerr
38886 Sun Apr 21 11:31:29 EDT 2013 Anonymous If HSBC is too big to prosecute for committing criminal acts, then they are too big.
38885 Sat Apr 20 15:04:47 EDT 2013 Eddie Wilson
38884 Sat Apr 20 12:36:57 EDT 2013 Bruce Hlodnicki
38883 Sat Apr 20 11:33:58 EDT 2013 Kris Ngo
38882 Sat Apr 20 11:22:01 EDT 2013 Keith Graham` Until one of these "too big to fail" financial institutions is destroyed for its wrongdoing, offenses will continue and be written off as a business expense. I realize it is difficult to get the proof More....
38881 Fri Apr 19 08:01:24 EDT 2013 Brad McDonough
38880 Thu Apr 18 04:04:51 EDT 2013 Carol Ouellette I want HSBC to be punished for laundering money that supports terrorism.
How dare you not prosecute these criminals?
At least, I want HSBC's Corporate Charter More....
38879 Wed Apr 17 13:16:14 EDT 2013 Mark McCandless
38878 Wed Apr 17 12:32:43 EDT 2013 Christine Savaiano-Bach As a citizen, I would expect a thorough criminal investigation with appropriate jail sentencing. I would also expect you to resign your position as Attorney General for having been a part of this disgusting More....
38877 Tue Apr 16 00:01:22 EDT 2013 Donna Raicevic
38876 Sun Apr 14 19:03:43 EDT 2013 JoAnne Gilmore enough excuses for banks ! I say jail em all ! Thats what they would do for any average ctizen in such a crime ! And it is a crime ! ! !
38875 Sun Apr 14 17:42:45 EDT 2013 William Atkins Corporations should not be above the law.
38874 Sat Apr 13 16:59:41 EDT 2013 jeff hopkins
38873 Fri Apr 12 20:01:15 EDT 2013 James Mulcare
38872 Fri Apr 12 18:54:56 EDT 2013 RANDY HAYES
38871 Fri Apr 12 14:57:09 EDT 2013 Anonymous
38870 Fri Apr 12 03:32:44 EDT 2013 kevin higgins
38869 Fri Apr 12 02:54:44 EDT 2013 Patricia Rosnel
38868 Thu Apr 11 23:40:56 EDT 2013 Laura Harden
38867 Thu Apr 11 22:40:23 EDT 2013 Micah Rabwin
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