Don’t Let Wall Street Offshore Its Recklessness

Urge the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to Keep Risky Derivatives Trades in Check, No Matter Where They Occur

Some of Wall Street’s most reckless and risky gambling occurs in the global derivatives market.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is readying to crack down on this reckless gambling – but Wall Street lobbyists are demanding loopholes that will make the new regulations virtually meaningless.

CFTC commissioners wrote strong rules to prevent Wall Street from engaging in risky transactions that could jeopardize our country’s financial security, no matter where in the world those transactions happen. But Wall Street – with help from foreign banks and foreign regulators – is pushing for rules that would, in effect, limit the scope of US enforcement to derivatives traders physically based in this country.

This would create a giant loophole that would encourage banks – the biggest of which already have major operations outside of the U.S. – to move transactions offshore to escape regulation.

Urge the CFTC to oppose Wall Street’s recklessness-offshoring loophole.

Petition to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission


We, the undersigned, urge you to stand up for rules that apply the transparency and safety requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform act to ALL derivatives transactions relevant to U.S. markets, regardless of whether these transactions are routed through a foreign subsidiary or entity.

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15923 Sat Feb 16 09:24:47 EST 2013 Virginia Robinson
15922 Sat Feb 16 02:13:14 EST 2013 Landry Corkery
15921 Sat Feb 16 01:45:30 EST 2013 Jake Jacobs We are sick and tired of "Government of the Corporations, By the Corporations and For the Corporations".
You all belong in jail.
15920 Sat Feb 16 01:42:42 EST 2013 George Riley
15919 Sat Feb 16 00:16:19 EST 2013 Anonymous
15918 Fri Feb 15 23:52:34 EST 2013 Cheryl Petruzzi
15917 Fri Feb 15 23:27:57 EST 2013 Ken Fletcher
15916 Fri Feb 15 23:01:52 EST 2013 Romanas Buskus Enough is enough. Do you what you get paid to do. As a disabled veteran I did my job. Stop the greed.
15915 Fri Feb 15 22:43:11 EST 2013 Anonymous It is time to prosecute the masterminds behind these practices and put them behind bars. In China they would be executed! Get serious about fraud and
15914 Fri Feb 15 22:32:53 EST 2013 Elisabeth Kelly
15913 Fri Feb 15 20:57:21 EST 2013 John Schneider It's absolutely necessary that you stop the financial industry from holding this nation hostage. You have to prevent them from having the ability to crash the financial security of the nation and the More....
15912 Fri Feb 15 20:41:50 EST 2013 Douglas Hagens
15911 Fri Feb 15 17:43:24 EST 2013 Margaret Goodman We don't need another financial crisis!!
15910 Fri Feb 15 17:05:10 EST 2013 Catherine Detweiler
15909 Fri Feb 15 17:00:07 EST 2013 Laurel Facey
15908 Fri Feb 15 16:09:45 EST 2013 Richard Jones
15907 Fri Feb 15 15:41:08 EST 2013 Criage Lynnette Althage
15906 Fri Feb 15 15:33:14 EST 2013 Stephen Battis
15905 Fri Feb 15 15:27:45 EST 2013 Bradley Boyden
15904 Fri Feb 15 15:11:22 EST 2013 Randall
15903 Fri Feb 15 14:33:13 EST 2013 David Schwab
15902 Fri Feb 15 13:39:25 EST 2013 paula rose
15901 Fri Feb 15 13:36:17 EST 2013 Steven Salman
15900 Fri Feb 15 13:25:04 EST 2013 John Kolesar
15899 Fri Feb 15 13:06:01 EST 2013 Linda Pompa
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