Reckless Corporations Can’t Be Trusted to Regulate Themselves

Tell Congress: Don’t Dismantle Commonsense Regulations

Public protections, such as those dealing with food and consumer products, drinking water, safe and healthy working conditions, financial services, equal educational opportunity, civil rights, toxic pollution, the well-being of children, and health care, are vital to us all.

But reckless corporations are spending millions on propaganda, lobbyists and campaign contributions to make Congress dismantle our regulatory system.

These are the same greed-driven interests that take advantage of weak or non-existent regulations to pollute our air and water, exploit workers, peddle toxic food and products that sicken and kill consumers, and pursue short-term profits at the expense of our economy’s long-term health. In 2008, their recklessness crashed our economy, causing more than 8 million American workers to lose their jobs.

Reckless corporations can’t be trusted to regulate themselves.

Sign the Petition: Tell Congress to Stand Up for Commonsense Regulations

We, the undersigned, call on our members of Congress to stand by the following principles:

1. Regulations play an essential role in securing America’s quality of life and holding reckless corporations accountable for wrongs.

2. Recent catastrophes like the BP oil spill disaster, the Massey mine explosion and the Wall Street crash were all caused by too little regulation of reckless corporations. The public needs more, not less, protection from such disasters.

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31947 Sat Nov 10 09:22:04 EST 2012 Cheryl Babich It is the job of the Congress to protect us - please don't let your need for funds keep you from doing that.
31946 Fri Nov 09 17:18:06 EST 2012 James Mulcare
31945 Fri Nov 09 14:49:52 EST 2012 Jose Passalacqua
31944 Thu Oct 25 20:29:03 EDT 2012 Naheed Kalhor
31943 Fri Oct 19 17:31:09 EDT 2012 carol jones
31942 Mon Oct 15 16:42:24 EDT 2012 Donna Su
31941 Fri Oct 12 15:39:39 EDT 2012 Ruth Houser
31940 Thu Oct 11 12:40:13 EDT 2012 Chris Chastain
31939 Wed Oct 10 17:29:19 EDT 2012 Elizabeth Anne Felty
31938 Sun Oct 07 22:18:49 EDT 2012 Thomas V Connor
31937 Tue Oct 02 22:56:20 EDT 2012 Patricia Hegger
31936 Mon Oct 01 20:19:35 EDT 2012 kay WARD
31935 Fri Sep 28 10:13:53 EDT 2012 Casey Orourke
31934 Fri Sep 21 01:19:21 EDT 2012 jeff hopkins
31933 Thu Sep 13 13:17:12 EDT 2012 Nancy Mildren
31932 Tue Sep 11 12:31:22 EDT 2012 Jack Rogers
31931 Mon Sep 10 13:07:20 EDT 2012 David Breitenbuecher
31930 Sat Sep 08 19:26:55 EDT 2012 Marian evans
31929 Fri Sep 07 23:39:51 EDT 2012 Anonymous
31928 Fri Sep 07 00:48:04 EDT 2012 Rebecca Gray I thought our elected representatives were supposed to lisgten to their constituents not corporations. Oh! I get it, MONEY talks.
31927 Wed Sep 05 07:12:39 EDT 2012 Laura Cotter
31926 Wed Aug 29 23:33:02 EDT 2012 Jack David Marcus
31925 Sun Aug 26 14:12:17 EDT 2012 Thomas V Connor
31924 Thu Aug 23 17:21:40 EDT 2012 Dakota Hennessey
31923 Wed Aug 22 15:39:16 EDT 2012 Margaret Klette
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