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Tax Wall Street and Cut Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The 12-member Super Congress is in the process of figuring out how to reduce the national deficit.

So far, the deficit discussion has been dominated by nonsense. Much of it has focused on huge cuts to Medicare and Social Security as well as other important programs.

We’re going to introduce some sense to the nonsense, and show them how to reduce the deficit by $1.1 trillion over 10 years.

Fossil fuel subsidies are a commonsense place to make cuts.

The polluting profiteers in the oil, coal and gas industries do not need taxpayer money. Over the least decade, the largest oil and gas companies alone reaped more than $1 trillion in profits. Ending fossil fuel subsidies would reduce national debt by $122 billion over ten years.

Wall Street is a commonsense place to increase revenue.

A very small tax on short-term speculation on Wall Street would boost federal revenue by $100 billion a year. This financial transactions tax would also create a disincentive for Wall Street’s riskiest practices – many of which continue despite the fact that these risky practices led to the economic collapse in 2008.

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We, the undersigned, call on the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (a.k.a. Super Congress) to end fossil fuel subsidies and enact a financial transactions tax. Doing so would reduce the deficit by more than an estimated $1.1 trillion over 10 years.

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14475 Sun Oct 30 14:58:51 EDT 2011 Glen Williams Repeal The Reagan Tax Cuts AND downsize the military by 90%.
14474 Sun Oct 30 14:28:14 EDT 2011 Kat Royde
14473 Sun Oct 30 01:48:24 EDT 2011 David & Babette Jackson
14472 Sat Oct 29 19:22:37 EDT 2011 Rebecca Carroll
14471 Sat Oct 29 18:20:26 EDT 2011 Pat Take care of business and stop trying to wipe out the middle class.
14470 Sat Oct 29 17:25:25 EDT 2011 Adele Wasserman
14469 Sat Oct 29 17:10:11 EDT 2011 Conrad Kosowsky
14468 Sat Oct 29 16:01:07 EDT 2011 Christina Forras
14467 Sat Oct 29 14:30:53 EDT 2011 MICHAEL ERSKINE Its time we found more effective fuel options and it is time to tax the corporationa and wealthy not the middle class
14466 Sat Oct 29 14:26:10 EDT 2011 Albert Wassell
14465 Sat Oct 29 14:24:28 EDT 2011 Lynn Cardiff
14464 Sat Oct 29 13:28:32 EDT 2011 David Sutherland
14463 Sat Oct 29 13:00:39 EDT 2011 Stephen P Carlisle eliminating the fosil fuels subsudies and taxing this type of speculation is a no brainer. do it!
14462 Sat Oct 29 12:30:08 EDT 2011 Dennis DeMarinis
14461 Sat Oct 29 12:25:58 EDT 2011 Anonymous
14460 Sat Oct 29 11:27:16 EDT 2011 Patricia Vazquez Enough of destroying the middle class and insist on a fair balance of responsibility to restore the greatness that was once America!
14459 Sat Oct 29 05:11:53 EDT 2011 D P
14458 Sat Oct 29 02:41:55 EDT 2011 Steven Bugden
14457 Sat Oct 29 02:29:29 EDT 2011 Lisa Holford
14456 Fri Oct 28 20:27:26 EDT 2011 FLORENCE LLOYD We are looking at Greece and their tax system that patronizes the wealthy, and we shake our heads. How different is our system beginning with Wall Street, whose wealthy investors we protect, because "if More....
14455 Fri Oct 28 17:32:16 EDT 2011 Premachandran Menon
14454 Fri Oct 28 17:13:16 EDT 2011 Darcy Gentner
14453 Fri Oct 28 14:54:46 EDT 2011 Nina Morningstar
14452 Fri Oct 28 13:36:07 EDT 2011 Anonymous
14451 Fri Oct 28 12:39:58 EDT 2011 Montie VanNostrand
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