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Tell the Super Congress to Cut Fossil Fuel Subsidies


11/21/2011 Update: The deficit reduction supercommittee failed to reach an agreement on a plan to reduce our national debt.  As a result, the oil and gas industry will hold on to billions in tax credits.

The deficit reduction supercommittee has a November 23 deadline to finish its work. One of the first places lawmakers should look for cuts is the dirty energy sector.

Eliminating these subsidies would shave $122 billion off our deficit over the next 10 years – and would improve the environment and public health.

Fossil fuel subsidies are a commonsense place to make cuts.

Beyond helping reduce our deficit, eliminating dirt energy subsidies is crucial to shifting us toward a clean energy future.

Sign the Petition to the Super Congress

We, the undersigned, call on the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to end fossil fuel subsidies.

Eliminating subsidies to the fossil fuels industry could reduce our national debt by $122 billion over ten years while bettering the environment and public health. Wealthy fossil fuel corporations simply do not need handouts from the federal government to produce energy.

With our country facing massive cuts on programs like education and health care, we cannot afford to waste tens of billions of dollars each year in giveaways to fossil fuel companies. By eliminating these handouts we take an important step towards putting our house in fiscal order and helping the environment at the same time.

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101-125 of 5798 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
5698 Mon Nov 21 18:51:39 EST 2011 Michael Nadolny
5697 Mon Nov 21 17:57:41 EST 2011 Theresa Hebron
5696 Mon Nov 21 16:48:13 EST 2011 Sondra J. Franzmann
5695 Mon Nov 21 16:44:44 EST 2011 Judith Bonini,IHM Please can we act like persons concerned with others and our planet.
5694 Mon Nov 21 16:44:44 EST 2011 Judith Bonini,IHM Please can we act like persons concerned with others and our planet.
5693 Mon Nov 21 16:16:49 EST 2011 Gary McCormick
5692 Mon Nov 21 16:01:50 EST 2011 Deborah Cole-Wenderlich If you don't start representing the 99% we'll have to find some people who will!
5691 Mon Nov 21 15:55:25 EST 2011 Debora Tramposh
5690 Mon Nov 21 15:18:28 EST 2011 Edmund Davies
5689 Mon Nov 21 15:00:47 EST 2011 Kathleen Hojnacki
5688 Mon Nov 21 14:45:20 EST 2011 bob c
5687 Mon Nov 21 14:26:26 EST 2011 Anonymous
5686 Mon Nov 21 14:12:48 EST 2011 Aubrey Dobbs Let the Market decide the future of energy. Stop the subsidies for the Fossil Fuel industry. Also, stop subsidizing corn. Ethanol is not a solution to our energy demands.
5685 Mon Nov 21 14:08:47 EST 2011 mark
5684 Mon Nov 21 14:06:26 EST 2011 Thomas Jacobson
5683 Mon Nov 21 13:41:12 EST 2011 Carl Richardson
5682 Mon Nov 21 13:40:21 EST 2011 Carl Richardson It is time to begin to represent those who elected you, not who paid for your campaign.
5681 Mon Nov 21 13:32:37 EST 2011 Amrita Burdick In a country where the people are under economic stress, we can no longer afford corporate welfare to come out of the pockets of the 99%
5680 Mon Nov 21 13:17:06 EST 2011 Marybeth Rose
5679 Mon Nov 21 13:13:23 EST 2011 Sherrie Hoffmann
5678 Mon Nov 21 13:06:22 EST 2011 Rusty Simpson
5677 Mon Nov 21 12:31:35 EST 2011 Dan Bell
5676 Mon Nov 21 12:31:17 EST 2011 Dan
5675 Mon Nov 21 12:18:44 EST 2011 Mitzi Coons
5674 Mon Nov 21 12:04:54 EST 2011 Yolanda Stern Broad PhD
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