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What exactly do these stealth provisions in the contract do?


The forced arbitration clause means that if you ever have a dispute with the company, you can’t go to a public court. You’ll have to go to a private, secretive tribunal chosen by Starbucks — in Seattle!

The class action ban means that you can’t band together with other customers to make pursuing claims worthwhile. If Starbucks rips off every gift card holder by a few dollars, that would mean millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains with no accountability.

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Tell Starbucks: Stop Taking Away Your Customers' Rights

If you receive a Starbucks gift card, you should know that it comes with a stealth attack on your legal rights.

In fine print that most customers never see, there’s a forced arbitration clause and a ban on consumers joining together in class actions.

Starbucks tries hard to be seen as a company that cares. It shouldn’t get away with stripping people of their legal rights.

Sign the petition to tell Starbucks that you don’t want to sacrifice your rights in order to buy or use its prepaid card.

Petition to Starbucks:

We, the undersigned, call on Starbucks to remove from its prepaid gift cards the forced arbitration clause and the ban on joining together in a class action. Starbucks should not make its customers sacrifice their legal rights in order to buy or use a prepaid card.

This petition is no longer active.
126-150 of 15542 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
15417 Tue Feb 07 12:54:16 EST 2012 Danny DeTora
15416 Tue Feb 07 12:38:06 EST 2012 Jeanette Battista
15415 Tue Feb 07 12:35:25 EST 2012 William Hoffer
15414 Tue Feb 07 12:11:06 EST 2012 dan holibaugh
15413 Tue Feb 07 12:05:27 EST 2012 Anonymous enough already. cant you just be thrilled that someone is PREPAYING for your product. When will you all stop being so greedy
15412 Tue Feb 07 11:41:13 EST 2012 Madeline Van der Voort
15411 Tue Feb 07 11:20:07 EST 2012 Marie-Claude Perigon I will boycott Starbucks if it continues with anti workers practices
15410 Tue Feb 07 11:07:27 EST 2012 doug franklin
15409 Tue Feb 07 11:07:27 EST 2012 doug franklin
15408 Tue Feb 07 11:07:26 EST 2012 doug franklin
15407 Tue Feb 07 10:37:58 EST 2012 leopoldo mutis Stop the abuse and try not to interfere with your coffe drinkers who support your business.
15406 Tue Feb 07 10:11:57 EST 2012 Marion Beagen Unjust!!!!
15405 Tue Feb 07 09:29:25 EST 2012 Evelyn Arden
15404 Tue Feb 07 07:33:30 EST 2012 Arthur Kvarnstrom
15403 Tue Feb 07 07:31:46 EST 2012 Donna Schall
15402 Tue Feb 07 06:44:33 EST 2012 Shiu Hung
15401 Tue Feb 07 05:20:38 EST 2012 Jim Byrne
15400 Tue Feb 07 04:43:21 EST 2012 Terran Steinberg
15399 Tue Feb 07 03:06:45 EST 2012 Charlotte Wells
15398 Tue Feb 07 02:12:49 EST 2012 Anonymous StarBucks- you have just ruined my day. I'm not making any purchases from your shops. get rid of your nonsense
15397 Tue Feb 07 02:11:14 EST 2012 Anonymous
15396 Tue Feb 07 01:58:58 EST 2012 Maria Battaglia
15395 Tue Feb 07 01:40:58 EST 2012 Patricia McGrath As a loyal customer I am dismayed that you would include such a provision in a gift that is meant for enjoyment. Remove the clause and let me a proud customer again.
15394 Tue Feb 07 00:59:52 EST 2012 Anonymous
15393 Tue Feb 07 00:49:54 EST 2012 Anonymous
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