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What exactly do these stealth provisions in the contract do?


The forced arbitration clause means that if you ever have a dispute with the company, you can’t go to a public court. You’ll have to go to a private, secretive tribunal chosen by Starbucks — in Seattle!

The class action ban means that you can’t band together with other customers to make pursuing claims worthwhile. If Starbucks rips off every gift card holder by a few dollars, that would mean millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains with no accountability.

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Tell Starbucks: Stop Taking Away Your Customers' Rights

If you receive a Starbucks gift card, you should know that it comes with a stealth attack on your legal rights.

In fine print that most customers never see, there’s a forced arbitration clause and a ban on consumers joining together in class actions.

Starbucks tries hard to be seen as a company that cares. It shouldn’t get away with stripping people of their legal rights.

Sign the petition to tell Starbucks that you don’t want to sacrifice your rights in order to buy or use its prepaid card.

Petition to Starbucks:

We, the undersigned, call on Starbucks to remove from its prepaid gift cards the forced arbitration clause and the ban on joining together in a class action. Starbucks should not make its customers sacrifice their legal rights in order to buy or use a prepaid card.

This petition is no longer active.
201-225 of 15542 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
15342 Mon Feb 06 17:32:22 EST 2012 Anonymous
15341 Mon Feb 06 17:15:41 EST 2012 Donald Stowers As a consumer, I have many options as to where I choose to shop, eat or drink. Starbucks is now off my list of acceptable shops until it rescinds its current policy forcing consumers into arbitration. More....
15340 Mon Feb 06 17:12:25 EST 2012 Zia Islam
15339 Mon Feb 06 17:10:59 EST 2012 Robert Gifford
15338 Mon Feb 06 17:09:56 EST 2012 Beverly Jennings
15337 Mon Feb 06 17:08:28 EST 2012 Anonymous
15336 Mon Feb 06 17:02:25 EST 2012 Don Bianchi
15335 Mon Feb 06 16:58:22 EST 2012 Anonymous
15334 Mon Feb 06 16:56:53 EST 2012 Anonymous I will always avoid doing business with any company who endeavors to deny me my right to a trial by jury. Any company that feels the need to hide their court cases from the public by using binding arbitration More....
15333 Mon Feb 06 16:44:54 EST 2012 Terry Robinson
15332 Mon Feb 06 16:36:33 EST 2012 Maria Miller
15331 Mon Feb 06 16:36:06 EST 2012 Emily Taylor
15330 Mon Feb 06 16:34:44 EST 2012 Henry J. Powsner Now that I am alerted to this practice, I will not again purchase anything from Starbucks that calls for a written contract.
15329 Mon Feb 06 16:31:34 EST 2012 Dr. Jean E. Jost
15328 Mon Feb 06 16:27:57 EST 2012 Anonymous Trying to strip average citizens of their legal rights to access the courts is a step toward corporate facism. Trying to create a society that only corporations have contract rights and access to the courts More....
15327 Mon Feb 06 16:25:19 EST 2012 Randy
15326 Mon Feb 06 16:24:13 EST 2012 Val Laurent
15325 Mon Feb 06 16:09:20 EST 2012 constance taft
15324 Mon Feb 06 16:02:28 EST 2012 Jan Bueker I do not buy prepaid Starbucks cards but have signed this petition in support of those who do. Starbucks should be boycotted while they continue to deprive its customers of their legal rights.
15323 Mon Feb 06 16:00:12 EST 2012 Mikel Jackson
15322 Mon Feb 06 15:49:08 EST 2012 Christine Bassett
15321 Mon Feb 06 15:48:22 EST 2012 John
15320 Mon Feb 06 15:45:54 EST 2012 Patricia Snowden
15319 Mon Feb 06 15:43:22 EST 2012 Patricia Hawblitzel
15318 Mon Feb 06 15:32:04 EST 2012 Gail Miller We will not support a company that puts a roadblock on their prepaid gift cards as it relates to a forced arbitraiton clause and banning class action suits. I was just going to replenish my instant french More....
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