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What exactly do these stealth provisions in the contract do?


The forced arbitration clause means that if you ever have a dispute with the company, you can’t go to a public court. You’ll have to go to a private, secretive tribunal chosen by Starbucks — in Seattle!

The class action ban means that you can’t band together with other customers to make pursuing claims worthwhile. If Starbucks rips off every gift card holder by a few dollars, that would mean millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains with no accountability.

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Tell Starbucks: Stop Taking Away Your Customers' Rights

If you receive a Starbucks gift card, you should know that it comes with a stealth attack on your legal rights.

In fine print that most customers never see, there’s a forced arbitration clause and a ban on consumers joining together in class actions.

Starbucks tries hard to be seen as a company that cares. It shouldn’t get away with stripping people of their legal rights.

Sign the petition to tell Starbucks that you don’t want to sacrifice your rights in order to buy or use its prepaid card.

Petition to Starbucks:

We, the undersigned, call on Starbucks to remove from its prepaid gift cards the forced arbitration clause and the ban on joining together in a class action. Starbucks should not make its customers sacrifice their legal rights in order to buy or use a prepaid card.

This petition is no longer active.
26-50 of 15542 signatures
Number Date Name Add a Comment
15517 Fri Feb 10 23:37:55 EST 2012 Bill Ricci toally unacceptable
15516 Fri Feb 10 22:55:32 EST 2012 Richard Bayer Starbucks has become too greedy!
15515 Fri Feb 10 21:10:02 EST 2012 Linda Eyerman
15514 Fri Feb 10 20:31:26 EST 2012 Mark Herman
15513 Fri Feb 10 20:26:29 EST 2012 Ronald Grauer Et tu Starbucks? Local coffeehouses are'nt so tight! So long. RG
15512 Fri Feb 10 19:45:27 EST 2012 Virginia McIntyre Again...it's all about the money!!! So many people enjoy drinking Starbuck's coffee...including my youngest son...but, I will make him aware of what's at stake if/when he uses one of their gift cards. More....
15511 Fri Feb 10 16:00:15 EST 2012 DE SMITH
15510 Fri Feb 10 15:09:58 EST 2012 William Tepper
15509 Fri Feb 10 13:15:42 EST 2012 William Koldys Typical corporate giant - say one thing, do another - money,money,money, money.
15508 Fri Feb 10 12:05:21 EST 2012 Dale Jeffers
15507 Fri Feb 10 02:59:14 EST 2012 Patricia Bruno 201 -->200Forced arbitration? Are you planning to do something "funny" with your gift and/or prepaid cards and fearful that you'll be caught? Remove that fine print before you lose a lot of customers over it.
15506 Fri Feb 10 00:59:05 EST 2012 Theresa Amato
15505 Thu Feb 09 21:52:53 EST 2012 Douglas Monson
15504 Thu Feb 09 21:44:02 EST 2012 Stephanie Sterner
15503 Thu Feb 09 20:56:56 EST 2012 Sharon Doggett
15502 Thu Feb 09 20:24:33 EST 2012 Jack English
15501 Thu Feb 09 20:19:41 EST 2012 Veronica Almy Wright
15500 Thu Feb 09 19:45:02 EST 2012 alex dragos
15499 Thu Feb 09 19:15:19 EST 2012 Joe Patton Shame on Starbucks. No more Starbucks for me.
15498 Thu Feb 09 18:35:19 EST 2012 Claire Scarcella Don't mix arbitration in my cup of coffee.
15497 Thu Feb 09 18:23:26 EST 2012 Linda Norelli
15496 Thu Feb 09 18:23:24 EST 2012 Ruth Lake
15495 Thu Feb 09 16:49:29 EST 2012 Michael Raymond
15494 Thu Feb 09 15:53:53 EST 2012 Anonymous Your Company Attorneys gave you bad advise on this one.
Starbucks fix this, please.
15493 Thu Feb 09 15:45:51 EST 2012 C Balint this action makes everything your company is supposed to stand for a joke!
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