Too Big to Fail = Too Big to Exist

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Petition to Financial Regulators:

We, the undersigned, call on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Financial Stability Oversight Council to break up Bank of America. Under section 121 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, you have the authority to break up “too big to fail” banks into smaller, simpler and safer institutions.

If Bank of America in its current form were to fail, it would devastate the U.S. economy. You must act preemptively to make sure that never happens. We cannot wait and find out whether another financial crisis strikes. If that happens, it will be too late to act.

This petition is no longer active.
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Number Date Name Add a Comment
32840 Wed Aug 21 15:49:49 EDT 2013 Lynne Banta
32839 Wed Aug 21 15:49:08 EDT 2013 Lynne Banta
32838 Tue Aug 20 15:53:16 EDT 2013 Ruth Lake
32837 Sat Aug 17 10:00:20 EDT 2013 Judith Combs
32836 Thu Aug 15 07:37:20 EDT 2013 Victor Nepomnyashchy
32835 Tue Aug 13 15:02:02 EDT 2013 Anonymous
32834 Sun Aug 11 04:57:17 EDT 2013 Danielle Robinson
32833 Thu Aug 08 16:23:31 EDT 2013 Mary Mahurin
32832 Tue Aug 06 20:08:50 EDT 2013 Jim Stewart
32831 Sun Aug 04 10:44:56 EDT 2013 Bright Limm
32830 Sat Aug 03 12:44:11 EDT 2013 Bruce Hlodnicki
32829 Fri Aug 02 18:49:48 EDT 2013 stephen Whalen Do not let the mistakes of the past be repeated. Break up Bank of America ! Steve Whalen, attorney and former judge
32828 Fri Aug 02 14:18:30 EDT 2013 Lynne Banta
32827 Mon Jul 29 17:59:34 EDT 2013 Lisa LeBlanc
32826 Sat Jul 27 16:40:04 EDT 2013 Russell D'Arensbourg
32825 Thu Jul 25 13:05:38 EDT 2013 SHAKEERAH LONG
32824 Tue Jul 23 10:23:28 EDT 2013 JOHN C. RUSSO
32823 Sat Jul 20 20:39:37 EDT 2013 Denise Recalde
32822 Thu Jul 18 17:24:00 EDT 2013 Anonymous
32821 Sat Jul 13 20:39:23 EDT 2013 Joan Cowley I believe we are allowing banks to become mega corporate entities. I was born in 1929 and my family lost everything when the banks failed. We should learn from that event and prevent large banks to be More....
32820 Sat Jul 13 05:49:07 EDT 2013 Anonymous its too big. Break it up NOW. It's only going to hurt us the longer wse wait.
32819 Thu Jul 11 13:27:15 EDT 2013 Thomas Wittbrodt It is completely logical to insist that Bank of America be broken up. It is likely than at some future date we will be asked why it didn't happen. Those who should have acted will make excuses for their More....
32818 Tue Jul 09 17:10:19 EDT 2013 Jami Van Den Bogaert
32817 Sun Jul 07 19:48:44 EDT 2013 Lynne Banta
32816 Sat Jul 06 14:16:29 EDT 2013 Jon Nelson
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Why We Must Act

In its current form, Bank of America poses a grave threat to our economy. It is massive, complex and unstable — too big to manage and too big to regulate. Its assets are equal to roughly one-seventh of the U.S. gross domestic product. If Bank of America goes down, a sizable chunk of our economy will go down with it.

Federal financial regulators have the authority to break up dangerous “too big to fail” banks into smaller, simpler and safer institutions — institutions that won’t tank our economy if they go bust. More than $1 trillion in federal assistance has already gone toward propping up this sprawling behemoth.

It’s time to stop propping up and start breaking up.

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