Stop the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA): The Corporate Attack on Our Environmental and Consumer Safeguards

No Backroom Deals for Corporate Giants

Negotiations on the U.S.-EU “free trade” deal, aka TAFTA, are underway. More than 600 corporate advisors are in the driver’s seat, hoping to tip the scales for the 1% and shut out the public and Congress from influencing the negotiations. TAFTA includes extreme corporate rights that will hurt the 99%.

Tell Congress to stop this “trade” deal from gutting the strongest parts of American and European food, health, environmental and financial safeguards.

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Americans deserve a say in the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) negotiations. TAFTA is likely to impact U.S. banking regulations, Internet freedom, food safety, the environment, agriculture and more. If you think that TAFTA is OK just because it is with Europe, we want you to know that is simply not true. The official agenda for this deal has been set by a network of large U.S. and European corporations whose goal is to kill the best public interest safeguards on either side of the Atlantic. They call our best consumer, environmental, financial and other policies “trade irritants” and celebrate this negotiation for going “behind the borders” to eliminate such measures. This is totally unacceptable to us. We call on you to stop this attack before the damage is done.

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