Tell Google: More Transparency on Political Spending, Less U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Sign on to our letter asking Google to fully disclose its political spending and end its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

We know Google has supported some good policies in the past — from green energy to internet privacy — but without knowing where its political dollars are going, it’s next to impossible to know if Google is undermining the very causes it promotes.

Google is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a dark money juggernaut that spent more than $35 million in the 2012 elections. The U.S. Chamber also supports regressive policies such as fracking and the kind of financial deregulation that led to the economic meltdown of 2008.

Google tells us it’s a different kind of company — but hiding political donations and giving to the U.S. Chamber isn’t innovative, it’s just more of the same.

If Google is serious about its principles, it should adopt a policy to (1) fully disclose its political spending and it should (2) end its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

We’ve written a letter to Google’s founders asking them to take these two important steps. Read the letter and add your name below.

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Read our Google Consumer Petition calling on the company to:

  1. Agree to disclose of direct and indirect corporate political spending, and
  2. Withdraw from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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Number Date Name Add a Comment
22751 7 months ago Lizzy Mazer Please consider the future. There is money and business growth to be made in sustainable and humanistic business development.
22750 1 year ago Jabria Howington Increasing accountability and transparency at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been a uphill battle. To defeat gross waste, abuse and illegality, do not stand by--stand by your principles and speak ...
22749 1 year ago Carson Kay The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's financial and political power must be checked. By disassociating with this organization, Google has the chance to both decrease the Chamber's financial influence and s...
22748 1 year ago Marge Schwartz
22747 1 year ago Rachelle Blanchard
22746 1 year ago Marge Schwartz
22745 2.4 years ago Skip Hoagland U.S. Chamber has no elected board and its president Tom Donahue is a bandit being paid 4.7 m and who knows what else as a non profit this organization should be eliminated .
22744 2.5 years ago Scott Powell
22743 2.7 years ago Anonymous
22742 2.9 years ago Anonymous
22741 2.9 years ago George Sme I could use Bing Yahoo or Duckduckgo.
22740 2.9 years ago Rebecca Lieberman We expect better!
22739 2.9 years ago Karen Moskowitz
22738 2.9 years ago Lisa Dutton Google must step up to a higher standard of transparency and privacy protection, or risk serious backlash from a public unwilling to submit to this kind of shadowy, nefarious power-gathering. I am ...
22737 3 years ago Erin McElroy
22736 3 years ago Matthew Filler
22735 3 years ago Diane Steele
22734 3 years ago Anonymous
22733 3 years ago Larry J. Jones Maybe once this organization stood for good business practices and fair dealing, that no longer seems to be the case. I urge you to abandon them until they return to those policies. Thank you
22732 3 years ago Michelle Shocked Please publish a list of ALL Google's Third Party benefactors? It's important to help understand how pervasive the censorship and the silence of it's critics. Those who speak out pay a very high pri...
22731 3 years ago David Small
22730 3 years ago Anonymous
22729 3 years ago Jill Baugh
22728 3 years ago Hans von Briesen
22727 3 years ago Julia Williams
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