A People’s Movement

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a case called Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporations have a “right” to spend unlimited money influencing elections.

Corporations are not people. Democracy is for people.

We are building a movement to pass an amendment to counteract the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United.

Visit DemocracyIsForPeople.org to learn more.

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Call Your Representative

Tell Her or Him to Co-Sponsor a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United and Restore Democracy to the People

Just a few calls from your district can really make the difference in getting your member of Congress to co-sponsor H.J.R. 34, the Democracy Is For People constitutional amendment.

It’s because phone calls are a little more work that they mean even more to your elected officials.

Here’s What to Do

1. Call 1-888-291-9824 to be connected to the Capitol switchboard.

2. Ask to be connected with your representative.*

3. Let us know how your call went! Leave a comment below to tell us what happened.

4. When a staff member answers the phone, you can use this script (see the list below to check if your representative is already a co-sponsor and thank them if they are):

"I’m a constituent, and I’m calling to urge my congressperson to co-sponsor the Democracy Is For People amendment. H.J.R. 34 is a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and restore the right of Congress and the states to regulate our own elections. The amendment would allow regulation of all campaign spending. It states that because only individuals have the right to vote, only individuals should have a right to spend money to influence our elections. Would Representative_______ be willing to join as a co-sponsor H.J.R. 34?"

Note: The following representatives have already co-sponsored H.J.R. 34: Blumenauer [OR-3], Cartwright [PA-17], Chu [CA-27], Cicilline [RI-1], Cohen [TN-9], Conyers Jr. [MI-13], DeFazio [OR-4], DeLauro [CT-3], DelBene [WA-1], Deutch  [FL-21], Ellison [MN-5], Engel [NY-16], Farr [CA-20], Frankel [FL-22], Grayson [FL-9],Green [TX-29], Gutierrez [IL-4], Hastings [FL-20],Honda [CA-17], Keating [MA-9], Kilmer [WA-6], Kirkpatrick [AZ-1], Larsen [WA-2], Larson [CT-1], Lee [CA-13], Lee [TX-18], Lewis [GA-5], Lowenthal [CA-47], Lujan Grisham [NM-1], McGovern [MA-2], Miller [CA-11], Moran [VA-8], Norton [DC-delegate], Pascrell Jr. [NJ-9], Pastor [AZ-7], Perlmutter [CO-7], Pingree [ME-1], Pocan [WI-2], Rangel [NY-13], Ryan [OH-13], Sarbanes [MD-3], Schakowsky  [IL-9], Schrader [OR-5], Shea-Porter [NH-1], Slaughter [NY-25], Waxman [CA-33], Welch [VT]

* If you wish to contact your Senators you can ask them to co-sponsor the Democracy Is For People amendment in the Senate - S.J.R 11 introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Leave a Comment to Let Us Know That You Called

1-25 of 193 signatures
Number Date Name Leave Your Comment ...
193 4.3 years ago Jessica Wardlaw
192 4.3 years ago Boris Dirnbach Left a message with Bob Brady's office (and Brady is part of the Congressional Progressive Caucus so signing on shouldn't be a stretch).
191 4.3 years ago Diana Brunswig-Bosso The staff person who answered the phone did not know where Rep Ann Wagner stood on this issue.
190 4.3 years ago Cheryl Fisher Kurt Schrader's Staffer said he believed he was a co-sponser to overturn Citizen's United already.
189 4.3 years ago Robert Strunk I asked a staff member if Congresswoman Schwartz would be willing to co-sponsor H.J.R. 34. She said she cannot speak for the Congresswoman but will pass along my comments and took my name and address.
188 4.3 years ago Huguette Moran My comment will be passed to Congressman Lowenthal. I am asking him to co-sponsor the Democracy is for People amendment.
187 4.3 years ago John Lally Aide who answered didn't know about the Democracy is fpr People Amendment and didn't know Lowey's position on it, but said she'd pass on my wife's & my message (which followed your script). ...
186 4.3 years ago burton welte a staff member answered the call and took the info. did not know congresswoman maloney's position on the amendment.
185 4.3 years ago Deanna Homer I asked Lucas's aide to urge him to co-sponsor.
184 4.3 years ago James & Leslea Kunz Called Rep. Jones; spoke to staffer. Asked him to co-sponsor and informed staffer that as a precinct officer who tallies support for various issues, that a significant majority here (eastern NC&...
183 4.3 years ago Cathleen Kelly Called Tim Bishop, spoke to a staffer, asked him to cosponsor.
182 4.3 years ago Marian Patten Cong. McHenry Staff - thinks Citizens United protects free speech. I gave example of where there are two sides in an issue Like the environment, He said wallet, (gas and oil costs) is more i...
181 4.3 years ago Marian Patten
180 4.3 years ago David Mayer I called both of my Senators and my Representative to Congress and, with other comments about the need for filibuster reform and to vote for the Amash/Conyers amendment, again added my plug to do ev...
179 4.3 years ago Anonymous Staffer said Rep. Clay has been a long-time opponent of Citizens United & she anticipates that he would be glad to co-sponsor it. She said she completely understands my position and would be glad t...
178 4.3 years ago Rochelle Goldman I called Rep. Jackie Speier's Washington office and read most of the script to her assistant who believes that Speier supports the effort. I told her Speier was not yet a sponsor and asked that she...
177 4.3 years ago Pamela Gibberman Spoke to Rep. Cardenas' assistant who will relay my message. He suggested I use the congressman's website as well.
176 4.3 years ago Mr.L.Laurie Toner Left a message urging Rep. Michael Capuano to sign on.
175 4.3 years ago Chris Hobby Thanked her for cosponsoring.
174 4.3 years ago Ruth Jones His staff will pass the comment along to Rep. Kline.
173 4.3 years ago Richard Deucher I left a message with her staff.
172 4.3 years ago Sandra Cobb Spoke to an assistant who didn't know how Joyce would respond. Will relay the message.
171 4.3 years ago David Spears Called Rep. Mo Brooks (5th Dist., AL), left message with staffer.
169 4.3 years ago Jean Metcalfe Spoke with James at Congressman Rooney's office asking him to stop wasting time voting over and over again on repealing the Affordable Care Act and get to work on the Citizens United amendment. Cong...
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