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29646 1 year ago Anonymous
29645 3.2 years ago Esther Quarles
29644 3.6 years ago Mark
29643 3.6 years ago John Casanova
29642 3.6 years ago jonathan paul He supported financial deregulation
29641 3.6 years ago Anonymous I'm opposing Larry Summers for the reason that he is all for the big banks and not for the middle class.
29640 3.6 years ago Colleen Shea
29639 3.6 years ago Donald Kokkonen
29638 3.6 years ago Apostolic Minister William Aaron Berry III
29637 3.6 years ago Jeff Kerr I am opposed to Larry Summers due to his allegiance with wall Street and giant corporate interests. We need the peoples interest to come first, then all corporations will benefit as will the people!!
29636 3.6 years ago William Shirey Because he has only prefers the interests of the wealthy and has total disregard for everyone else
29635 3.6 years ago Rusty Henderson
29634 3.6 years ago Ann Marie Gallant Arrogant and self-righteous; incapable of seeing another's viewpoint; responsible for isolating and illegally over-riding regulation of derivatives vs. Commodities Chairman Borne; responsible for ma...
29633 3.6 years ago Mihaela Dinu
29632 3.6 years ago Alec Martin
29631 3.6 years ago qiu jian 萨默斯毋庸置疑是名聪明绝顶的经济学家,且拥有各个决策机关的丰富经验。以他自身在金融业工作的经历,对金融业能有深入了解。
29630 3.6 years ago gus falconer ENOUGH! Appoint Reich or Stiglitz
29629 3.6 years ago E B
29628 3.6 years ago E
29627 3.6 years ago Michelle Durgy He is clearly misogynistic, pompous windbag, who has no redeeming qualities. I have heard from many who had the privilege of being "mentored" by him that his favored management approach, is to utter...
29626 3.6 years ago cesar rosario I oppose his nomination as Federal Reserve Chairman because he is a greedy, misguided 'Fragilista'.
29625 3.6 years ago Anonymous Larry Summers cares more about the price stability portion of the Humphrey Hawkins Act than the full employment mandate.He's another austerity socipath.
29624 3.6 years ago roberta sanders He has no empathy for real people.
29623 3.6 years ago roberta sanders Is Barack mad?
29622 3.6 years ago Nermin Have you seen this mans track record? By 2016, the next big recession will take effect and with it will go all pensions, 401K's, and people's savings this time. Ironic that when the money disappears...
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