Tell Congress to Make Advertisers Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes

Businesses Need Reduced Incentives to Advertise, Not Tax Write-Offs for Marketing

The advertising industry is very worried — it might actually have to pay its fair share in taxes.

Under the House Ways and Means Committee Chair, David Camp’s new tax reform proposal, companies would no longer be able to immediately and fully deduct ad spending as a regular business expense. The proposed reform would undoubtedly limit excessive commercial advertising by reducing companies’ financial incentives to advertise.

With U.S. ad spending expected to increase to $160.8 billion in 2014 — much of which targets children, promotes unhealthy foods and products, or encourages runaway consumption — an incentive to reduce ads is much needed.

The proposed changes would also increase much-needed tax revenue to the federal government by $169 billion over the next ten years.

Sign the Petition to Congress

We, the undersigned, call on Congress to pass a brand new tax reform proposal that would decrease tax breaks for advertising and bring in billions in much needed federal revenue.