Participate in the Campaign to Stop Infant Formula Marketing in Health Care Facilities

Let’s Organize to Send a Unified Message to Formula Corporations

On May 21, the anniversary of the adoption of the Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes (“the Code”) by the World Health Organization, let’s send a strong reminder to formula corporations, hospitals and the U.S. government that formula promotion in the health care context violates the Code and harms families.

Nearly 17,000 people have signed a petition to keep formula marketing out of health care facilities. On the anniversary of the Code, activists are delivering it to Mead Johnson’s headquarters near Chicago. If you can’t be there, you can still participate online:

Posting Photos/Videos/Messages to Online Social Media Sites

View instructions for how to participate if you don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

On or Before May 21:

(a) Take photos/videos holding a sign (photo) or tell your story (video). Include your kids and show it if you’re expecting! “No Formula Ads in Hospitals” or “Follow the WHO Code” are suggestions for homemade signs. You can also print this sign.

(b) Post your photos on the Facebook day of action event page. (By posting photos to this page, you agree to let us publish the photos elsewhere, including on companies’ pages. We also may print the photos to bring to company headquarters.)

On May 21 Only:

Post your photos/videos/personal messages to these Facebook pages:

- Enfamil (Mead Johnson’s brand)

- Nestle (owner of Gerber Good Start)

We can post on your behalf if you make sure to post your images/messages on the day of action Facebook event page!

Also, share on your own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts with #NoFormulaAds.

Also, tweet! (Similac does not have a Facebook page, so Tweet at them.)

Suggested Tweets:

.@Enfamil, @NestleUSA, @Similac follow the WHO Code: stop marketing infant formula in healthcare #NoFormulaAds in hospitals to protect health

Women deserve commercial-free info, not formula samples at birth #NoFormulaAds in hospitals @Enfamil, @NestleUSA, @Similac

Send Us Photos/Videos/Messages

Before May 21:

(a) Take a photo holding a sign or a make a video stating your message. “No Formula Ads in Hospitals” or “Follow the WHO Code” are homemade sign suggestions. Show your kids and show it if you’re expecting! You can print this sign.


(b) In 1-3 sentences, tell us why you think formula marketing in health care facilities is wrong, or how it may have impacted you or someone you know. (For example, it sent you a confusing message about the importance of breastfeeding.)

Send your photos/videos/messages by May 20 or send written messages through the comment form below. Specify the city and state where you live. By sending us photos, videos and messages, you agree to let us publish the content elsewhere online or in print with your name, or anonymous if specified, and your location. We will post the messages on companies’ online pages and possibly print the messages and deliver them to Mead Johnson at its headquarters.

What is your message to the formula companies?

We will post it on Mead Johnson’s and Nestle’s Facebook pages on your behalf.