Ask Your Representative to Help Overturn McCutcheon and Citizens United

We Need a Constitutional Amendment to Save Our Democracy

The U.S. Supreme Court’s McCutcheon v. FEC ruling is a disaster for our democracy, allowing big donors to contribute nearly 50 times the previous limit to a single party and its candidates each federal election cycle.

A U.S. Constitutional amendment to overturn McCutcheon and Citizens United is the way to undo the Supreme Court’s devastating rulings and to reclaim our right to elect officials who represent the voters.

Please take a minute to ask your representative to co-sponsor one of the amendments introduced in the U.S. Congress now, or if they are already a co-sponsor, to reach out to their colleagues to join them.

Type in your zip code and street address to get a sample letter to each of your members of Congress. The letter will be different based on whether or not they have co-sponsored an amendment.

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