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Urge Candidates to Reject Secret, Outside Spending

Outside, anonymous spending by billionaires and Big Business — enabled by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling — could exceed spending by candidates themselves in this fall’s elections.

But what if candidates pledged NOT to allow their platforms and messages to be overrun by negative ads funded by the likes of the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, or Karl Rove’s Crossroads outfits and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

During the 2012 U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, the two major candidates — Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren — pledged that if an outside group ran an ad, the candidate the ad helped would donate half of the ad’s cost, from his or her own campaign, to a charity chosen by the other candidate.

And it worked. Outside spending was 93% less than in highly contested U.S. Senate races in other states. Brown and Warren maintained control of their campaigns, and the voters of Massachusetts knew that almost every ad they saw reflected the viewpoint of the actual candidate.

If we replicate this innovative and effective strategy nationwide, we can keep the outside money out of our elections!

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15480 3 months ago Robert Ivey Being a politician can be a noble thing, but only if they serve people and not corporations (money). This is not what our founding fathers envisioned...or would have wanted.
15479 5 months ago Gen Agustsson
15478 7 months ago Greg Cermak
15477 7 months ago Sue Nearing
15476 7 months ago Sue Nearing
15475 1 year ago Anonymous As Paul Kirk, former DNC chair said at Dartmouth College in January 2016, “The unlimited amounts of money flooding our (political) system is the most pernicious internal peril that this coun...
15474 1 year ago Andrew Ryman I strongly support the proposed Udall amendment S.J.R. 19 and urge you to co-sponsor as soon as possible. This amendment effectively overturns Citizens United by restoring the rights of Congress and...
15473 1 year ago Leslie Dee
15472 1 year ago Norm Saunders If you wish to get our votes,you should be willing to stand behind any message put out by your campaign or any PAC. Take responsibility!!
15471 1 year ago Leighton Starks
15470 1 year ago patrick laflamme
15469 1 year ago Teresa Hargrove
15468 1 year ago Arthur Beckman
15467 1 year ago Symma Rich
15466 2 years ago Carlos Echevarria
15465 2 years ago Jennifer Stratton There is absolutely no democracy unless big money is KICKED out of politics, no denial, foolery, is a joke here in the United States if something is not done to curb some of the da...
15464 2.2 years ago Sally MCWilliams
15463 2.4 years ago E B
15462 2.5 years ago Derek Orange Spread the word! Tell your friends, family & co-workers about this much needed & patriotic effort. Thanks Tavis
15461 2.5 years ago Dorothy Wilkinson
15460 2.6 years ago Tina Huang
15459 2.6 years ago Joanne & Charles Schwarz This effort and that of to elect candidates who support financial reform is welcome fresh air in all election cycles.
15458 2.6 years ago Karen Zmuda
15457 2.6 years ago Nancy gilbert Would like a Pledge to work for constitutional Amendment to enable regulations on election money source and amount, and to clarify what corporate "peronhood' is not, and that Money is not Speech.
15456 2.6 years ago Carolyn Honey Friedman
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