Write Your Senators to Support the Initiative to Cut Off Funding for Trade Negotiations that Undo “Buy American”

You Have an Exciting Opportunity to Fix One Outrageous Aspect of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

The House of Representatives just passed legislation to cut off funding for negotiations of any trade agreements that undermine Buy American preferences!

This is great news. Buy American policies require the government to give preference to American-made products when purchases are made with our tax dollars. They reinvest our tax dollars in our communities, create American jobs and support our manufacturing base.

The House took a step in the right direction by cutting off funding for negotiation of trade agreement terms that undo Buy America protections. Now it is up to the Senate to make this the law of the land — but the Senate might not do the right thing...

Use the Form Below to Email Your Senators and Urge Them to Support the House’s Rejection of Trade Negotiations that Undermine “Buy American” Preferences