Email Your Representative to Oppose ‘Fast Track’

Celebrate the Anniversary of the Fast Track “No” Vote by Ensuring Your Representative Keeps Fast Track Buried

September 25 marks sixteen years since the House of Representatives voted to reject Fast Track, an extraordinary procedure that delegates away Congress’ constitutional authority over trade.

Even though as a candidate, President Obama said he would replace this dangerous Nixon-era scheme — now he is seeking to revive it. As we fight to box and bury Fast Track for good, this anniversary reminds us that we’ve defeated Fast Track before — and we can do it again.

Thankfully, many in Congress recognize the danger and have opposed Fast Track. Some members of Congress are working on a replacement for the dangerous Fast Track trade authority. We need to make sure that whatever replacement is created does not look, sound or smell like the same old, undemocratic Fast Track.

Use the Form Below to Ask Your Representative to Oppose Fast Track and to Make Clear What You Think Is an Acceptable Trade Authority Process