President Obama, Close the Dark Money Corruption Loophole and Fight for Disclosure

Urge the President to Require Corporations that do Business with the Government to Disclose their Political Spending

Corporations that receive government contracts can secretly funnel untold sums to help elect (and re-elect) the very same lawmakers who are responsible for — you guessed it — awarding government contracts.

It’s a cycle of corruption enabled by a detestable loophole in election law.

But there’s good news: Closing the corrupting loophole doesn’t require an act of Congress. President Obama has the authority to fix the problem with the stroke of a pen.

Urge the president to sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending

Petition to President Obama:

We, the undersigned strongly support requiring corporations that bid for government contracts to disclose their campaign spending. Americans have a right to know that government contracts are being awarded based on merit, not money.

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28711 1 day ago Michelle Loucas
28710 4 weeks ago Clifford Watts
28709 4 weeks ago La Shanda Hill
28708 1 month ago giovanni daina-palermo
28707 1 month ago Ellyne Spano
28706 5 months ago Kevin howles Stop the corruption. Is there any hole in saving the democracy.
28705 5 months ago E B
28704 5 months ago gloria pavia Please attack the heart of problems, no halfway solutions for the resume`
28703 6 months ago Randall Yamanaka
28702 6 months ago Steven Omand
28701 6 months ago Stephen Daly
28700 6 months ago AEP
28699 6 months ago REVDR VICKIE FOTHEN
28698 6 months ago E B
28697 6 months ago Deirdre Jacobson Mr. President, you have talked about the importance of reducing the influence of money in our political system. You have the power to sign a commonsense executive order that would expose the "dark m...
28696 7 months ago Larry Miller please stop this corruption in American government
28695 7 months ago Donald Kokkonen
28694 8 months ago Bhavan Patel
28693 8 months ago Julie Alley
28692 8 months ago Shawn Owen
28691 8 months ago Anastacia Bilek
28690 9 months ago Lora Brooks
28689 9 months ago Eric White
28688 9 months ago Jeffrey Martinez
28687 9 months ago Matt Williams
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