Petition to Congress: Tax Wall Street!

Mark the Five-Year Anniversary of the “Flash Crash” by Taking a Stand Against Wall Street Recklessness

Five years ago, the markets plummeted. In a matter of minutes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost about 1,000 points. It was as if $1 trillion dollars suddenly vanished from the world economy.

Markets recovered from the “flash crash,” but the apparent fragility of these markets – and the risk of a future, more catastrophic crash – remains.

Stand up to the Wall Street speculators whose reckless “high-frequency trading” fuels this volatility while siphoning billions from the real economy.

Sign the petition to join the MILLION STRONG worldwide calling for a Wall Street Tax to rein in this reckless speculation and raise hundreds of billions for essential public programs.

We, the undersigned, call on Congress to pass a Wall Street Tax to rein in the reckless, automation-driven market volatility that enabled the May 6, 2010, flash crash to happen. Such a tax also would raise hundreds of billions to address critical issues such as climate change, poverty and cracking down on corporate criminals.

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15331 1 week ago Anonymous
15330 1 month ago Glynn Behmen Thank you for your concern and support.
Glynn Behmen
P.S. Please support full enforcement by Congress for the Logan Act of 1799.
15329 1 month ago Daniel Cronin-Hennessy
15328 1 month ago gustavo lopez
15327 1 month ago Nicholas Neuner
15326 2 months ago Carolyn Jean Guidry
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15324 2 months ago Todd Isakson
15323 2 months ago Donna Netusil
15322 2 months ago joyce shiffrin
15321 2 months ago richard imundo Our competitive society needs to be not only free, but fair and it’s through government that we protect our freedom, be it economic or civic. We use it to keep our external enemies at bay, of course...
15320 2 months ago Wilfred Long Jr. I'm sick of paying for Wall Street failures!
15319 2 months ago Della Cowall
15318 3 months ago Matthew Mogavero
15317 3 months ago Matthew Mogavero
15316 3 months ago Anonymous
15315 3 months ago Meredith Mohr
15314 4 months ago Pete Levine
15313 4 months ago Glynn Behmen Oppose "Black-Box Trading"
15312 4 months ago jonathan gitter
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