Petition to Congress: Tax Wall Street!

Mark the Five-Year Anniversary of the “Flash Crash” by Taking a Stand Against Wall Street Recklessness

Five years ago, the markets plummeted. In a matter of minutes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost about 1,000 points. It was as if $1 trillion dollars suddenly vanished from the world economy.

Markets recovered from the “flash crash,” but the apparent fragility of these markets – and the risk of a future, more catastrophic crash – remains.

Stand up to the Wall Street speculators whose reckless “high-frequency trading” fuels this volatility while siphoning billions from the real economy.

Sign the petition to join the MILLION STRONG worldwide calling for a Wall Street Tax to rein in this reckless speculation and raise hundreds of billions for essential public programs.

We, the undersigned, call on Congress to pass a Wall Street Tax to rein in the reckless, automation-driven market volatility that enabled the May 6, 2010, flash crash to happen. Such a tax also would raise hundreds of billions to address critical issues such as climate change, poverty and cracking down on corporate criminals.

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