Petition to Congress: Tax Wall Street!

Mark the Five-Year Anniversary of the “Flash Crash” by Taking a Stand Against Wall Street Recklessness

Five years ago, the markets plummeted. In a matter of minutes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost about 1,000 points. It was as if $1 trillion dollars suddenly vanished from the world economy.

Markets recovered from the “flash crash,” but the apparent fragility of these markets – and the risk of a future, more catastrophic crash – remains.

Stand up to the Wall Street speculators whose reckless “high-frequency trading” fuels this volatility while siphoning billions from the real economy.

Sign the petition to join the MILLION STRONG worldwide calling for a Wall Street Tax to rein in this reckless speculation and raise hundreds of billions for essential public programs.

We, the undersigned, call on Congress to pass a Wall Street Tax to rein in the reckless, automation-driven market volatility that enabled the May 6, 2010, flash crash to happen. Such a tax also would raise hundreds of billions to address critical issues such as climate change, poverty and cracking down on corporate criminals.

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15212 6 days ago Dana Welch
15211 6 days ago Philip Catlin
15210 6 days ago S. Nam
15209 1 week ago Lana Lorenzen
15208 1 week ago Joseph Lisa Johnson Strickland Please come to support Joseph & Lisa. Thank you !
15207 2 weeks ago Rose Divicino Stop licking the Zionist ass
15206 4 weeks ago Jason Ross
15205 4 weeks ago David Elfant
15204 4 weeks ago Gerald Bertholl
15203 4 weeks ago Robert Fischoff
15202 4 weeks ago William Steimel
15201 1 month ago Leland R Daum We know that Wall Street in many cases represents legalized gambling and speculation. This tax would slow down (although not eliminate) the rate at which Wall Street can toy with our money....
15200 1 month ago Dr J L Underfer How about patronizing us rather than Wall Street/big business.
15199 1 month ago Rhonda Overman
15198 1 month ago Marshall Petit
15197 1 month ago Janis Cramer
15196 1 month ago gen a
15195 1 month ago Michael May
15194 1 month ago Kenneth Bryan Stop elected representatives and there staff,and cronies from taking money,stock,bonds,etc and employment in any form wallstreet,banks or any financial firm/organzation.
15193 1 month ago Elizabeth Beattie
15192 1 month ago Anonymous
15191 1 month ago James NORDLUND
15190 1 month ago Nicholas Loskoski Our retirement accounts are not casino chips!
15189 1 month ago William Roberson
15188 1 month ago William Roberson
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