Urge FERC to Protect Consumers, Engage Public

Sign Petition to Establish an Office of Consumer Advocate and Public Participation

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is a powerful federal agency, with sweeping authority over power markets and controversial energy infrastructure projects.

But it acts with limited public engagement and oversight.

From approving gas pipelines to setting electricity rates, FERC actions affect all Americans and require more public scrutiny and engagement by groups who represent the public interest.

Add Your Voice to Urge FERC to Secure a Consumer Advocate

We, the undersigned, call on FERC to create an Office of Consumer Advocate and Public Participation along the following principles:

  • The office should be organized in a way to maximize independence. Financing for the Office should be clearly allocated to support the activities of the office.
  • The office must be able to conduct its own investigations and not be limited to the scope of FERC dockets or proceedings.
  • The office should include authority to provide intervenor funding to consumer groups to encourage their participation in FERC proceedings.
  • The office should coordinate assistance and outreach to the public with respect to authority exercised by FERC.
  • The office should have an advisory board composed of representatives of the non-governmental consumer advocacy community, including organizations representing low-income households and the elderly, and both national and state-based consumer organizations.

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7430 3 months ago Kristin Peckman
7429 4 months ago erin yarrobino
7428 7 months ago Brian Scharpf
7427 7 months ago Robert Fischoff
7426 7 months ago Janine Vinton
7425 7 months ago Dan Cappelllo
7424 7 months ago Christine stewart
7423 8 months ago Phyllis Coppolino
7422 8 months ago Daniel Toohey
7421 8 months ago Dan Cappelllo
7420 8 months ago Benjamin Perlin
7419 8 months ago Zbigniew Sutor
7418 8 months ago Steve Matthews
7417 8 months ago Matthew Courter
7416 8 months ago Dan Cappelllo
7415 8 months ago Betty Byrne
7414 8 months ago Susan Domelsmith
7413 8 months ago Dan Cappelllo
7412 8 months ago Saskia Leeds
7411 8 months ago James Byrnes
7410 8 months ago Walter Weissman
7409 9 months ago Ellen Caldwell I strongly feel we the citizens need to have more input and should be communicated with in order to protect us.
7408 9 months ago Marcel Liberge
7407 9 months ago JeanAnn Hurst We as Consumers need and deserve that our voice be heard within the energy regulatory industry in order that our rights be protected through a neutral non-governmental oversight committee consisting...
7406 9 months ago Jane Winn As outgoing chair Norman Bay said - FERC needs a much better way to determine "need" for projects and a real alternatives analysis process.
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