Urge FERC to Protect Consumers, Engage Public

Sign Petition to Establish an Office of Consumer Advocate and Public Participation

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is a powerful federal agency, with sweeping authority over power markets and controversial energy infrastructure projects.

But it acts with limited public engagement and oversight.

From approving gas pipelines to setting electricity rates, FERC actions affect all Americans and require more public scrutiny and engagement by groups who represent the public interest.

Add Your Voice to Urge FERC to Secure a Consumer Advocate

We, the undersigned, call on FERC to create an Office of Consumer Advocate and Public Participation along the following principles:

  • The office should be organized in a way to maximize independence. Financing for the Office should be clearly allocated to support the activities of the office.
  • The office must be able to conduct its own investigations and not be limited to the scope of FERC dockets or proceedings.
  • The office should include authority to provide intervenor funding to consumer groups to encourage their participation in FERC proceedings.
  • The office should coordinate assistance and outreach to the public with respect to authority exercised by FERC.
  • The office should have an advisory board composed of representatives of the non-governmental consumer advocacy community, including organizations representing low-income households and the elderly, and both national and state-based consumer organizations.

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7280 10 hours ago Janis Cramer
7279 18 hours ago gen a
7278 19 hours ago Michael May
7277 3 days ago Katie Klemens
7276 6 days ago Elizabeth Beattie
7275 6 days ago Richard Cleapor
7274 1 week ago Lynne Lavigne
7273 1 week ago Eugene Schubert
7272 1 week ago Anonymous All of the action.citizen.org above listed reference descriptions are important.Especially advocacy representation for America's low-income,elderly our disabled. FERC really needs to outreach coordi...
7271 2 weeks ago James Tornatore
7270 3 weeks ago Kerry Noh
7269 3 weeks ago Deborah Woo
7268 3 weeks ago Jamesm NORDLUND
7267 4 weeks ago Nicholas Loskoski It is our government's responsibility to keep us safe from companies which will do whatever it takes to increase their profit.
7266 1 month ago katherine borland I am concerned about the environmental toll of traditional power sources, particularly on people in rural areas. Democracy requires consultation.
7265 1 month ago Elizabeth Dallam
7264 1 month ago Hannah Oara
7263 1 month ago Yazmine Mihojevich
7262 1 month ago Anonymous - Reforming FERC CEII, which has classified energy project dockets, slowed smart-grid technology,
stalled large solar projects and allows electric distributions rates to be kept high.
7261 1 month ago Margaret Petersen
7260 1 month ago Debra Cohn
7259 1 month ago Daniel Rose
7258 1 month ago William Lushbough
7257 2 months ago Jesse Watson
7256 2 months ago Jason Webster
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