Next Step: Call Your Members of Congress

Tell Your Members of Congress to Oppose Blatant Giveaways to Billionaires and Big Business in the Budget

Here’s what to do:

1. Call 1-888-291-9824 to be connected to the Capitol switchboard.

2. Ask for your representative or one of your senators. It’s best to call all three. (Not sure who your members of Congress are? To check, follow this link.)

3. When a staff member answers the phone, feel free to use this script:

Please introduce or support amendments to remove the following budget riders:

  • The rider that prevents the SEC from requiring corporations to disclose their political spending,
  • The rider that eliminates country-of-origin labels for pork and beef,
  • The rider that repeals the limit on exporting crude oil produced in America,
  • And the rider that blocks the IRS from modernizing its rules to prevent political groups from exploiting nonprofit status.

4. Leave a comment below to let us know how your call went. This will help us prioritize which members of Congress are in need of extra grassroots pressure.

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2696 1 year ago cindy jefferys
2695 1 year ago Rebecca Kahn
2694 1 year ago Sarah Dana
2693 1 year ago donye sacco
2692 1 year ago donye sacco
2691 1 year ago G. Bommelaere
2690 1 year ago Joey Stevenson left a voicemail
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2682 1 year ago Matt Peters
2681 1 year ago Joanne Rhea The office of Alexander from TN is closed. Corcoran's office took my comments and wished me a good day.
2680 1 year ago Alex Pohl
2679 1 year ago matt jeffery I am disgusted with congress for not putting our national debt on a pay it down track ,this could easily be done by a 1%tax on every stock market transaction ,this would pay off the debt in 6 yrs ,a...
2678 1 year ago Andrew Baron
2677 1 year ago Gia Segura I am against some of the kickbacks given to Big Corporations, Meat, Oil and Dark money for political campaigns
2676 1 year ago Barry Greenhill
2675 1 year ago David R Florkowski
2674 1 year ago Phil Troutman
2673 1 year ago Michael Baglio
2672 1 year ago Rene Suarez Called all three and spoke with Becka at Congressman Lowenthal's office and Brad at Senator Feinsteins. Left a message for Senator Boxer.
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