Tell Congress: Ban Forced Arbitration

Congress Should Restore Consumer Rights by Passing the Arbitration Fairness Act

Thousands of corporations are using forced arbitration clauses to deny the rights of ripped-off consumers.

These clauses block ripped-off consumers from holding corporations accountable in court. Instead, consumers are routed into the rigged system of private arbitration, where decisions are in the hands of corporations’ handpicked arbitrators instead of impartial judges.

It’s time for Congress to step up and stop these unconscionable clauses once and for all.

Sign the petition to tell Congress: Ban forced arbitration. Pass the Arbitration Fairness Act.


We, the undersigned, call on Congress to pass the Arbitration Fairness Act (S. 1133 and H.R. 2087), legislation that would ensure that the use of arbitration to resolve disputes is truly voluntary and not forced on consumers and workers in the fine-print terms of corporate contracts. Restore our ability to exercise our constitutional right to a day in court.

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20411 1 week ago Shannon Israel
20410 1 month ago William Daigle
20409 1 month ago Times Wang
20408 3 months ago Anna Driskill
20407 3 months ago Debra Gunderson
20406 3 months ago Anonymous
20405 4 months ago Anonymous
20404 4 months ago Anonymous
20403 4 months ago David Hagberg
20402 6 months ago Stacey Cannon
20401 6 months ago Adam Karapandzich
20400 7 months ago Jacqueline Adamson
20399 7 months ago Teresa Koschmeder
20398 7 months ago erin yarrobino
20397 8 months ago Alison Zaharee
20396 9 months ago yvonne greenbaum
20395 9 months ago Kaitlin Fitch
20394 10 months ago Jerome Comeau
20393 10 months ago Brian Vilayvanh
20392 11 months ago Joan Paskewitz
20391 11 months ago Mary M Williamson
20390 11 months ago Jacqueline Adamson
20389 12 months ago Beatrice Birch
20388 12 months ago Matthew Dendy
20387 12 months ago Pat Rorex
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