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Sign Petition to Urge President Obama to Halt All Dirty Energy Extraction

Last month, the Obama administration put a stop to the extraction of coal from our public land.

Now we need to halt fracking on our land and drilling in our waters.

Ending new federal fossil fuel leasing could keep up to 450 billion tons of carbon pollution from the global pool of potential future greenhouse gas emissions.

Add Your Name to Stop New Extraction of ALL Dirty Energy on our Land

We, the undersigned, call on President Barack Obama to issue a moratorium of all new dirty energy leases on our public land and waters. Stopping massive giveaways to Big Coal was an important step — but we must do more. We cannot make the necessary carbon pollution cuts while we are still fracking on our land and drilling in our waters. It’s time to stop new extraction of all dirty energy on federal lands.

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10376 3 days ago Ellyne Spano
10375 1 week ago Julie Feia
10374 3 weeks ago Bruce Nyquist
10373 1 month ago S. Nam
10372 1 month ago Dineo Maine
10371 1 month ago terry smith
10370 1 month ago Blair Tuckman
10369 1 month ago Sharon Raum
10368 1 month ago Larry Lima
10367 1 month ago Jason Ross
10366 1 month ago David Elfant
10365 1 month ago erin yarrobino
10364 1 month ago Rhonda Overman
10363 2 months ago Janis Cramer
10362 2 months ago Gen Agustsson
10361 2 months ago Donald Leisman
10360 2 months ago Elizabeth Beattie
10359 2 months ago Donna Sabin
10358 2 months ago Ken Gale
10357 3 months ago James Tornatore
10356 3 months ago Deborah Woo
10355 3 months ago James NORDLUND
10354 3 months ago Nick Loskoski
10353 3 months ago Beatrice Birch
10352 3 months ago William Roberson
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