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Sign Petition to Urge President Obama to Halt All Dirty Energy Extraction

Last month, the Obama administration put a stop to the extraction of coal from our public land.

Now we need to halt fracking on our land and drilling in our waters.

Ending new federal fossil fuel leasing could keep up to 450 billion tons of carbon pollution from the global pool of potential future greenhouse gas emissions.

Add Your Name to Stop New Extraction of ALL Dirty Energy on our Land

We, the undersigned, call on President Barack Obama to issue a moratorium of all new dirty energy leases on our public land and waters. Stopping massive giveaways to Big Coal was an important step — but we must do more. We cannot make the necessary carbon pollution cuts while we are still fracking on our land and drilling in our waters. It’s time to stop new extraction of all dirty energy on federal lands.

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10414 6 months ago Sara Katz
10413 6 months ago Sara Katz
10412 6 months ago maria Tapuro
10411 7 months ago Carolyn Jean Guidry
10410 7 months ago Janine Vinton
10409 9 months ago Marcel Liberge
10408 9 months ago Leslie Patterson Werner
10407 10 months ago David Hill
10406 10 months ago Amalthea Aelwyn
10405 10 months ago Mira Cook
10404 10 months ago Daniel Belachew
10403 10 months ago Benjamin Perlin
10402 10 months ago Donna McKee
10401 10 months ago Donna McKee
10400 11 months ago Palmer
10399 11 months ago Kim Krewson
10398 11 months ago Romeo David
10397 11 months ago Jaen Lawrence
10396 11 months ago Ronald McKenzie
10395 11 months ago Ronald McKenzie
10394 11 months ago Jillian Borrow
10393 11 months ago Kevin Cook
10392 12 months ago Dana Walker
10391 12 months ago Donna Smith
10390 12 months ago George Otto
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