Call Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to Get Off the Fence and Help Lead the Fight Against the TPP

Urge Rep. Pelosi to Announce Her Opposition Now and Lead Her Party in Opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Here’s what to do:

1. Call (202) 225-0100 to be connected with her office.

2. Ask to speak with the chief of staff. You will probably be asked to leave a message on the chief’s voice mail. Those messages have dramatic impact!

3. When you speak with a staffer or go to voicemail, you can use this script to help shape your thoughts, but leaving a message in your own words is best:

  • “I am calling to urge Leader Pelosi to lead her caucus in opposing the job-killing, corporate-driven TPP. If she does not take a public position against the TPP until the last minute like on Fast Track, it sends exactly the wrong message. I am asking her to publicly oppose the TPP now so it is clear to those few House Democrats that do not already oppose the TPP that opposition is the right position.
  • “I make this request in solidarity with two brave cancer patients who were arrested recently while protesting the TPP’s exorbitant monopoly drug pricing — a death sentence for many people with cancer and other diseases.
  • “The leading presidential candidates of both parties all oppose the deal. So does the majority of Democrats in the House and a sizeable bloc of Republicans. Opposition to the TPP is one of the few issues that unite Republicans, Democrats and Independents, polling shows. Rep. Pelosi leading against the TPP is good policy and good politics. It is critical she speak publicly NOW against the pact that undermines everything the House Democrats say they are for.”

4. Let us know how your call went! Leave a comment below to tell us what happened.

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