Tell Wall Street to Stop Payouts to Executives Who Leave for the Government

End the Conflict of Interest and “Government Service Golden Parachutes”

Wall Street executives often receive huge bonuses when they chose to leave their positions specifically for high-level government jobs — called a “government service golden parachute.” In these government positions, they are able to work as regulators for their former bosses.

Proposals will be presented at the annual shareholder meetings of five major banks to discontinue this conflict of interest.

Sign the Petition to Demand that Big Banks Stop Providing Incentives for Wall Street Insiders to Flow into the Government Agencies that Regulate Them

To: Boards of Citigroup, Lazard, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase,

Americans should feel confident that government regulators are working on behalf of the public interest and our common good. The American people cannot trust that the system is not being rigged against them as long as Wall Street provides financial incentives for its top executives to go into government posts. End the practice of giving government service golden parachutes to outgoing executives.