Tell Vanguard to Stop Using Your Retirement Savings to Protect Secret Political Spending

In a post-Citizens United world, corporations are channeling an unprecedented amount of secret money into our elections. Even worse, they’re doing it with our retirement savings.

The Vanguard Group, one of the largest managers of retirement savings in the U.S., uses its significant corporate voting power to protect the major corporations where shareholders’ savings are invested — blocking shareholders’ calls to reveal how the corporations spend money in politics.

The company’s founder, Jack Bogle, believes it’s a shareholder’s right to know what major companies are up to, including how they spend in politics. Current management, however, appears to disagree.

As a trusted steward of the public’s savings, Vanguard has the power — and the obligation — to combat Citizens United’s corrosion of our democracy. Let’s hold them to it.

Tell Vanguard to Keep Our Retirement Savings Out of Secret Money Politics

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