Save Public Protections from the CRA

President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are unleashing big corporations to prey on American workers, consumers and families. How? By using the Congressional Review Act to wipe out public protections that keep us safe.

The Congressional Review Act (CRA) allows Congress to strike down recently issued protections by a simple majority vote in both chambers with limited debate, no possibility of a filibuster and the president’s signature. Americans have already lost 13 health, safety, pocketbook and environmental safeguards including broadband privacy and clean water protections. Even worse, the CRA blocks agencies from issuing rules that are “substantially the same” without authorization from Congress, meaning there’s no getting them back.

In practical terms, Congress will have until May 10th to repeal rules finalized since last June – and more than 20 protections are still vulnerable to repeal. If we lose them, the robber barons allied with the Trump administration will be free to abuse, exploit and discriminate against regular Americans, knowing they won’t be held accountable.

Tell Congress to stop using the Congressional Review Act.

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