Stop These Bills That Would Weaken Public Protections

Three bills currently in Congress would undermine the work our country has done to improve worker safety, the environment and more:

  • The OIRA Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act (H. R. 1009) would increase Donald Trump’s control over independent agencies. In many cases, the agencies would be forced to value corporate profits over public health and the environment.
  • The SCRUB Act (H.R. 998) would create a new bureaucracy tasked only with removing regulations while doing nothing to identify the gaps, shortfalls and outdated standards that leave us vulnerable to the next public health tragedy and financial crisis.
  • The Regulatory Integrity Act (H.R. 1004) would greatly discourage public agencies from communicating with the people they serve. This ambiguous rule could lead to far less government transparency and the shuttering of social media accounts that inform millions of people on the important work being done by our government.

Tell your members of Congress about the importance of voting “No” on these three bills that would weaken our public protections.

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