Make Solar Conversation in Austin Translate to Action on October 1

No Need to Wait — Solar is Affordable Now

We’ve been talking for months about the great solar deals Austin Energy has before it. The Austin City Council has had numerous meetings, briefings and public discussions. The facts are clear — solar is cheaper now than ever before and will lead to rate decreases for Austin Energy customers.

Now it’s time for action. Talking won’t lower bills or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Investing in affordable solar energy will do both.

On October 1, Austin Energy executives will present the Council with two or three different solar plans. The plan we support is to contract for 600 megawatts of solar now, for completion by the end of 2016 — in time to take advantage of a valuable tax credit. The other proposals will be variations that will delay up to two-thirds of the solar investment for up to 5 to 10 years. That is unacceptable. Six hundred megawatts of solar sounds like a lot, but it will supply only about 12 percent of the electricity Austin Energy sells. The utility will need a lot more solar energy in the years to come.

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