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Please take a moment to call New Hampshire Speaker of the House Shawn Jasper and urge him to support SB 136 — the bill for an amendment to overturn Citizens United — today.

Speaker Shawn Jasper

(603) 271-3661

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  • I am calling to urge Speaker Shawn Jasper to support SB 136, the New Hampshire bill that calls for an amendment to overturn Citizens United and prevent outside interests, including unions and billionaires from the left and the right, from buying our elections.
  • New Hampshire prides itself in having a volunteer legislature that stands for the people of New Hampshire and we lose that representation when outside interests can spend unlimited amounts of money in our elections.
  • 69 towns in New Hampshire have passed resolutions calling upon the state Legislature to call to overturn Citizens United. And citizens in the Granite State on both sides of the aisle poll 3-to-1 in favor of an amendment.
  • A recent Bloomberg poll shows that 78 percent of Americans, including 80 percent of Republicans, think that Citizens United should be overturned
  • SB 136 passed unanimously through the Republican controlled state Senate and awaits a key vote in the state House committee where it has been retained. Your support will be crucial in pushing key committee members to vote to pass SB 136 and drive this critical democracy effort in New Hampshire home.
  • Will Speaker Jasper express his support for an amendment to overturn Citizens United?