Houston City Council Should Pass Anti-Idling Ordinance to Protect Public Health

Dangerous Pollution from Large Trucks and Buses Fouls Houston Air

Heavy duty trucks and buses that burn diesel are a major source of dangerous air pollution in Houston. Freight traffic will double in Houston over the next 25 years, and it’s time to reduce emissions from old, polluting diesel engines.

We are working with our partners at Air Alliance Houston to build support for an anti-idling ordinance for Houston. The ordinance, which will limit idling of heavy-duty vehicles, will reduce harmful diesel pollution emissions and protect public health here in Houston. Idling restrictions will also save drivers of these vehicles thousands of dollars each year that otherwise would be wasted on fuel burned to go nowhere.

The ordinance has been met with some opposition on the Houston City Council. We’re calling on all our supporters and anyone who values breathing clean air to contact the City Council to voice support for the anti-idling ordinance.

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