Austin Energy Study Claims Wind and Solar Increase Pollution

Tell the Austin City Council to Reject This False Argument and Say “No” to a New Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant

Austin Energy is at it again. The study that it commissioned Navigant to do claims that adding more wind and solar to the utility’s energy mix would result in increased air pollution.

This claim is so obviously false that it would be laughable if this study wasn’t supposed to be a key tool for the Austin City Council to use in making its decision about whether or not to authorize Austin Energy to build a new natural gas-fired power plant.

The Navigant study shows that wind is the best option in two out of four scenarios and that wind and solar are competitive in all scenarios. There is no need to build a new natural gas plant, but the study still concludes exactly what Austin Energy wanted it to: build a gas plant.

Email the Austin City Council to Ask It to Reject a Gas Plant and Go with Renewable Energy Instead

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